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  1. Open for split practice from 2 to 7 Anyone Going?
  2. parson255

    circleville oh, test/tune this sunday, may 27th

    I don't know how far you guys are but Beaverun (just north of Pittsburgh) has alot of open practices. Most of the Practices are on thursday nights but they might add a weekend practice here and there keep checking the website for updates. Either post or PM me if you want more info.
  3. parson255

    Track days in Mid-atlantic area?

    Beaverun has a lot of practice time. It is in Wampum, PA just Northwest of Pittsburgh right off the turnpike. It's an awesome track for pavement and if there is a big enough following I think we could get a decent dirt section going this year. Here is the link for the kart schedule almost all of the practices are open for Supermoto. http://www.beaverunkarting.com/schedule_kart_racing.asp
  4. parson255

    beaver run oct 7th open practice 1-7pm

    Taped up Lights are fine. There were some there for the NASMOTO Event. Just come ride. Bust that freakin' Husky out already. We've heard all about it and have seen the pictures enough. I want to see it bustin some laps.
  5. parson255

    Beaverun Practice 9/21

    Beaverun is having open practice on Thursday 9/21 From 1-7:30pm. No Dirt. Share with karts but you will get a lot of time anyway. $20
  6. parson255

    Beaverun 8/10

    One of the two blue ones was at circleville for a short time before it decided it didn't want to race anymore
  7. parson255

    Beaverun 8/10

    The schedule for practices and events is listed at www.beaverunkarting.com the track is awesome and you get a ton of laps in for only $20.
  8. parson255

    Beaverun 8/10

    Beaverun is a great track. Your textile stuff should be fine I wear a leather jacket with mx pants and that is no problem. From what I've seen catch cans are a must, sliders and safety wires are recommended. It's definitely worth your $20 bucks with or without the dirt section. I don't know if I'm going yet or not.