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  1. Vneck13

    Information on Caineville

    well last i heard.. the BLM posted signs that said the area was closed.. but US-ALL took them to court becasue it was not officially decided to shut it down.. so i dont know if i even trust the map that the one guy above posted.. this is just something that i heard
  2. Vneck13

    Information on Caineville

    thanks everyone for all your help with informing people on whats going on.. even sometimes i dont even know because the updates are frequent and the minds are changed often.. so thanks again!!
  3. Vneck13

    Information on Caineville

    Hey i just wanted to post this thread to just inform everyone on what is going on in Caineville.. I live in caineville.. born and raised and it is a fantastic place to be. If you have not ridin in this area yet then i suggest that you try it out. It is prob one time in your life that you will remember for a long time. no matter if you are a beginner or a pro everyone can enjoy this spot. i Have even met some of the pros enjoying their weekend here.. Pros like Travis Pastrana, Mike Metzger, Matt Rebeaud, and many others. ALso there is a great MOtel to stay at called the CAINEVILLE COVE INN. The # is 435-456-9900. Also i suggest that if you have not signed the petition to keep the riding area open i suggest you do.. The damn environmentalist are trying all they can to protect their precious dirt and cactus, of which neither are near extinction. THey have not succeeded in closing down the area.. so i would like to extract all those rumors you have heard that you can no longer ride there.. they have just decided to patrol the area more.. and they are annoying little jerks that have nothing else to do, so make sure that we show them that we are respectable people and make sure you have your bikes registered.. and then when you see the look of disappointment in their faces that they did not tag you then you can say.. "in yo face Biotch!" lol ok well need anymore information on Caineville just ask me and i am sure i can tell you anything you would like to know!!!!!
  4. Vneck13

    Moving to Utah

    well hell man i live in utah.. so if you need anything i am all here for you.. i live in the Caineville Hanksville area in Wayne county.. there are some wicked riding area here.. but as for racing there is a great place called moab and all.. but ya all the other guys know what they are talkin about.. so ya party on wayne
  5. If you want to know who is the best to ride with is has to be by far Twitch and Scummy.. i mean i just rode with them like a month ago and it was so sick man we were riding in Caineville and it was bad to the bone.. anywho gotta go Vanessa
  6. Hey i can tell you all about that area cause heck man i live there.. Ya i only live about 3 miles from the sick place called Swingarm.. and oh man do i have deals for you if you are going to ride in CAINEVILLE STAY IN CAINEVILLE.. there is a sick motel just 8 miles west from swingarm and my man James there will give you a sweet deal if you tell him that I Vanessa sent you.. but ya Swingarm is a sweat place to live and if you need reservations to stay at the CAINEVILLE COVE INN just call 1-435-456-9900 and tell james i gave you the number and he will hook you up.. ya the Swingarm area is the best riding place this south of wherever check it out and enjoy.. Vanessa Jackson