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    XR650L - What was it designed for?

    Nobody is going to make me believe my XR650L sucks by any means. I've had many bikes and done lot of off-roading and done track days on my sportbikes. I know the benefits of the XRL (and I favor it riding around town to my Yamaha R1 even). But I had a first hand experience yesterday that opened my eyes to it's shortcomings. I generally love to fly down some of the Blue Ridge mountain forrest roads here in NC and explore with my GPS anywhere I can get it, but going to the local MX track yesterday they have a nice tight back woods trail I got to take some laps on and though I was doing ok with other than a couple of ruts that nearly took me and some berms that I just couldn't handle (thought it was just inexperience with high berms)... THEN I got on a friend's Kawasaki KDX220 which is a pure trail bike. WOW. double WOW even. I FLEW through the trails like it was nothing. It soaked up ruts like the weren't there, and throttle steered like it was nothing. Absolutely a different experience totally. By the end of a few laps my friend's RM125 broke down and he wanted his KDX back... Needless to say I left cause I didn't want the XR back on the trails again. Could it handle the trails? Of course.. Could it rail through them? sure, if it wasn't ultra tight and rutty in parts.... Is it a better tight trail bike? no way in hell..... Would I ever give it up as a steed in my garage? Absolutely not. I still find nothing better to explore in the mountains with... .... And I might as well mention that I RODE it the 80 miles to the track and 80 miles home afterwards. That says something at least
  2. lespaul85

    XR650 'R' versus 'L'

    2007 XR700RL C'mon Honda!
  3. lespaul85

    XR650L gearing

    Off subject somewhat, but I saw someone post a GSXR1000 will do 70 in first.. I think it's even higher in reality. I have a stock geared 2004 Yamaha R1 and it'll do 107mph in FIRST gear. But it's also tall as hell. Though, gearing it down will make it hard to keep the front wheel on the ground, so it has it's reasoning being that way from the factory. Anyways, I was looking to go the other way with my xr650l. I rode all weekend in the mountains on my new (to me) bike and it was so tall geared that most of the tight and technical stuff I never got out of first gear for miles of riding. I have had an XL350R for years and it was always able to get at least to 3rd in the same stuff. Though the XL is 6 gears and the XR is only 5 so with such wide gearing it just felt a little wrong. I wish first gear was split into 2 gears, 1 slightly under first for really slow travel and 1 halfway to the current 1st and 2nd gears, then there would be more ability with the stock gearing while still keeping a stable/workable high speed gearing.