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  1. GGivler

    new KLX 110 restrictor?

    If there is one, look at where the pipe connects to the head. To remove it, try drilling it out with a 7/8 bit. Be careful not to damage the head connection or you will have problems sealing it when mounting it back to the head.
  2. GGivler

    110 won't start

    Here's a list of things to check: valve seizure,piston seizure,crank seizure,large and small end connecting rod seizure,camshaft seizure, Transmission gear or crankcase bearing seizure,kick starter return spring broken,kick ratchet gear not engaging. I'd start with the last 2 and go from there. GOOD LUCK!!! Does it turn over, if not check previous items. If it does check to see if you have spark.If you don't check your ignition coil. .19-.23 ohms on the primary side and 2.5-3.7 Kohms on the secondary. You may have water in the magneto. That happened to ours.Also check to make sure the air screw and idle are correctly adjusted.Double check all elec connectors . There may be dirt/mud in them. I hope this helps.
  3. GGivler

    top speed of a suzuki 110?

    My son drag races his on a 500 ft clay track, in the stock class. only mods are jetting to lean it out,drilled end of exhaust out,removed the snorkel, and a 15 tooth front sprocket. He consisantly turns 49 -50 MPH.
  4. GGivler

    Drz110 Flywheel Puller ?????

    You can get one at your Suzuki dealer p/n K5700-11471, flywheel puller, M28 x 1.0. Or you can try Kitaco p/n T 18 for $ 15.75. Pittbossracing.com might them.Or even try minibikeoutlet.com. Hope I helped. Good luck!!