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  1. lordwest

    Starter issue??

    funny part is, I had just finished riding it. washed it, started it, died, would not restart. Im going home to work on it tonight. damn thing
  2. lordwest

    Starter issue??

    I have an '05 with probably 25 hour on it. Recently after washing it from a muddy day of riding and starting to start it I had some issues. I hit the magic button and it started fine. Then I killed it and when hitting it again-nothing. A click, click. In my eyes, dead battery. Pulled off seat, hooked up the multi meter, 12.34v-which should be more than enough to turn the motor. Looking at the manual, its telling me to pull out the starter, pull the starter apart and clean it with some fine sand paper, etc. Has anyone else had this issue yet? I tried searching but didnt find anything. Anything is appreciated. Thanks, Nic
  3. Im looking to replace the ugly headlight on my '05. Ive been looking at acerbis, but they dont have pictures of the lights on the bike. Just wondering if anyone has pics they could post and also include what brand/model they run. Thanks
  4. lordwest

    For the last time - starting problems with TTR125L

    I have a 2005, absolutely stock, ridden about 5 hours, not started in 1 month. And I cannot get it started if my life depended on it. I am getting so frustrated I cant see straight. Luckily its my girlfriends bike and she doesnt like riding much. I called the dealership and they told me keep kicking. I spent an hour kicking, and nothing, not even a little spudder. It has great spark, compression-just fuel no ignity. I will try changing the jets but above and beyond that if it doesnt start its trade in time.
  5. I finished all my mods yesterday and rode it today and wow. The dealer wanted 400 for installing the pipe, jets, grey wire, throttle stop. I did everything in 1 hour. This bike sucks stock, today alomst scared the hell out of me. Ive only had it a week, this bike is awesome
  6. lordwest

    anyone have pics of the throttle stop swap

    thanks for the help. I didnt know it was a simple screw change, now I just sound like a newbie.
  7. I got the kit. No pics or instructions. ANYTHING would be nice because I dont feel like paying the dealership $150. Thanks