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  1. Thanks for the support Joe. I will send you a pm shortly.
  2. Joe, I sent you a pm before this one asking where you got the bike. Anyways, I am currently in Iraq and I am looking to buy the bike December or January time frame. This dealership in Florence, are they "friendly" or are they as what I can expect if I went to the local ones? I want to get a good deal and I really do not have the time and patience for any bs after being in Iraq for what it seems a lifetime. Get my drift? Tell me how you like the KLR. I was into the DRZ400S, but after all the research and issues with the water pump, I have decided to go to the Kawasaki side. I also would not mind driving that way. The wife and I try to go that way whenever we can go backpacking. Thanks for the time and help. I like the attitude of helping others or just sharing info. You are one in a million. PM me if you like about the info on that dealer. Robert
  3. Great thread! I am now leaning more to this model after deciding not to get a DRZ
  4. BNSF

    Just Ordered my DynoJet kit

    anathema , is there a reason as to why I can't save the pics? I want to save your contribution as an HTML file for later reference. Thanks!
  5. BNSF

    Just Ordered my DynoJet kit

    Cool thread!
  6. BNSF

    How to really lower a DRZ

  7. BNSF

    1510 miles in 4 days on a DRZ400

    Why did you do that???? Were you having a major malfunction??
  8. BNSF

    DRZ is running

    Nice! Those black plastic parts, where did you get them? How much was the engine if you do not mind me asking? New or rebuilt?
  9. BNSF

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Registered Nurse with the US Army and currently deployed in Iraq. Will be buying my 06-DRZ 400S when I return at the end of the year. Plan to have lots of fun and then have uncle Sam send me to CRNA school
  10. BNSF

    Suzuki does care - shock and awe

    Can you explain to this rookie what you mean by time and dates besides the VIN number? Where can these be found? Next to the VIN?
  11. BNSF

    What color is yours?

    Looks like Yellow rocks!!!! Mellow Yellow
  12. BNSF

    What color is yours?

    So you are saying blue is slow? I want to paint mine with Desert cammo
  13. BNSF

    Bait and Switch?? Suzuki Price Increase??

    So what kind of items were you missing? I am new to the field and I sure do not want to feel shafted.
  14. BNSF

    Crashed my DRZ *vid*

    Dude! You are getting an Emmy! Thanks for sharing it.
  15. BNSF

    jetting and 3x3 web page