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  1. needle too.
  2. Is Carnegie mostly hills?
  3. It is so nice to see all the welcomes from the girls out there. I ride with men only because I never meet any women out there. I sure wish more of you lived near by. I have to say that my skills have rallied since chasing the boys but there have got to be women that aren't in the back of the pack and I would love to chase them! I love dirt biking and I love talking about dirt biking and dirt bikes. I alienate the women from my crowd because I am the one hanging with the men riding and talking dirt bikes and I love watching DVD's about riding. Thank goodness my boyfriend appreciates my interest and enjoys having me along to ride with. His friends don't mind having a "chick" around on the rides either. Good for us and good for you for joining us!!
  4. I have been very happy with my FLY boots but when i buy new ones they will be Beriks.
  5. It's not a guy thing at all. They are pushing what they are going to make the most money on. It's all about the numbers at the end of the month.
  6. My SPY anti-fog goggles are the coolest looking most comfortable goggles I have ever used! And they NEVER fog up! you can't even fog them to clean them
  7. Hollister Hills especially during the week!
  8. This is exactly what I did to start mine when it was new, it works but you should remember that they come from the dealer lean and you need to do some mods to get it to start easy and run great.
  9. That is interesting...higher octane seems like it would be more power but I have also heard that if you use Race fuel you should cut it because that high of octane can make your engine over heat?
  10. Then go in there and pull out the snorkle in the air box and put an after market air filter like UNI on it, then you'll want to put the power-up kit on the carburator, maybe get a BBR rev box and you have spent a bit over $100.00 bucks but will have NOTICABLE power! You can pull the baffle out of the pipe which will still be quieter than the bigger bikes but you'll eventually want an after market pipe like a BBR header pipe. I like my BBR springs in the front forks too. Have FUN!
  11. What about a little higher octane gas?
  12. Check this site out. I have the Rally Pros on my 150 and love them.
  13. Hey, I ride every Thursday at Hollister Hills and have since I got my 150 last Feb. It has been so fun improving my skills and we usually have the place basically to ourselves since it is during the week. It has put the fun back in my life since I hadn't ridden for over a decade before that. Last Thursday was the best since we had been riding the hard pack dust storm all summer long and we had been jonesing for some rain! It had rained on Wed. and was supposed to rain hard on Thurs. but we didn't care. We loaded up and went for it and to our surprise from about 9am till noon we had perfect conditions and no rain! Even after it started raining we were having so much fun we stayed out till we couldn't see anymore! After the summer conditioning, it was such a pleasure to ride on forgiving terrain and I got to see just how much faster and more confident I have become as a rider. I'm still chasing the boys though but they don't have to wait up for me as long