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  1. entropy

    riding near Oregon state

    I'm starting to look at colleges and am wondering whether there is much riding around Oregon State, or any other colleges, any info would be appreciated
  2. entropy

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    hey, as long as its a hot chick without much clothing...
  3. entropy

    Tool Kit Recommendations

    what are bark busters
  4. entropy

    Pismo Beach, Ca

    place is awsome, but too many quads, they chew up the dunes too much, and they're always in a huge group, they're like cattle, and the rangers were a-holes, gave out way too many speeding tickets
  5. entropy

    Tool Kit Recommendations

    definatly add some extra levers, they snap easy
  6. entropy

    RIP Jordan

    that sucks. so this does not happen again: whenever you think you may have a concussion, its best to go see a doc, but if you don't you need to have someone wake you up every two hours to make sure you can still wake up, and if you don't they can call a doc and there may still be time to help you. thats what we have to do in Judo alot. really sorry to hear about your friend though
  7. entropy

    xr 400 chain

    how can i tell when my chain and/or sprocket is shot?
  8. entropy

    Your first motorcycle

    age 13, maybe 12, 2001 tt-r 125, outgrew it the same summer