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  1. lemonaid

    going GREEN tommorow

    Now thats funny. MXA said This so I will buy the yamaha instaed of the Kawasaki. Any one who buys a bike now based on what the mags say might as well burn his money. test ride and dealer support is what is important. I bet they are all good bikes this year!!!!!!!
  2. lemonaid

    How do you guys judge your progress?

    Yep Us old guy's know how to treat a woman! Them begginers scare us too!
  3. lemonaid

    wife has outgrown the Crf230...now what?

    you don't know what your missing!!!
  4. lemonaid

    wife has outgrown the Crf230...now what?

    what are you trying to say??? strong enough for a man but made for a woman! Well I would!! I would even add a revlock auto clutch for that little extra feminine touch! I'll line up on a push button bike any day and I suspect if you let your husband ride your modified scoot and he finds out how good it turns........ he'll line it up at the start gate too!
  5. lemonaid

    wife has outgrown the Crf230...now what?

    forget kicking it!!!!! I'll take that little e-button any day..... it's sweeet! my test rider loved it and got a lot of jellous looks from the guys at the track when the e-button spun the motor over. you lucky girl!!!
  6. never thought you guessed it was anybody else. A quad.... those things are dangerous. crf250girl. She has a kouba link in the back that lowers the bike 1.5 inches. I installed some spacers in the forks to drop the forks 1.5 inches and modified the fork to use the stock springs.This way the bike geometry does not change and she can maintain the proper ergonomics of the bike from the factory.
  7. I'm not gay and I'm not a woman! but I do live in ks!!!! going out for the first test in the morning to check the balance and the travel. will keep you posted on jeeps! don't you know that trail riding stuff is dangerous!
  8. I have to agree I hear your 250 is going to be sweeeeet! so is a surprise!