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  1. spidennis

    Cleaning the carb info?

    My riding buddy has a 2003 XR250R and it's time to clean the carb. Is there a thread, youtube, etc. detailing the procedure ? It's been awhile since I cleaned a carb so I don't want to miss something.
  2. spidennis

    valve specs for 03' XR250R?

    Where can I find the valve specs for an 03'XR250R?
  3. you are already getting a dp bike in a short while? then just hold out for it! don't mess up your yz and blow cash on something that you'll not need later anyway. put those yz dp mods into your dp bike for commuting purposes.
  4. spidennis

    How to lower a 02 WR250f

    5'10? You realize I got to shake my head in disbelief right? I'm 5'3"! and I wish I could have kept my stock suspension for riding the mx tracks but I'm an enduro rider and needed it lowered. I got plenty about my bike mods, including lowering on my sig line. If you think your bike is tall then go ride a horse, then get back on your bike ...... I am not joking. or come to spi and I'll teach you the tricks ...... oh, I see the problem, you got an 02 model, no electric start! that's your problem right there!
  5. spidennis

    '03 WR250 - Regulator/Rectifier

    update: I found a voltage regulator/rectifier on ebay for 40 bucks and 6 buck shipping, should have it by the end of the week in my mail box. I have a custom bracket I made for my "dash" that houses my garmin 478 gps inside an otterbox. I'll be able to mount the regulator to that and should have plenty of cable to make it to the new location since the connectors are mounted under the tank up by the steering neck anyway. pics coming later in the week after the install. 5TJ-81960-02-00 RECTIFIER & REGULATOR
  6. spidennis

    '03 WR250 - Regulator/Rectifier

    Did you ever fix this problem? I'm encountering the same exact thing right now, for the second time, and just like you I want to move it up away from the exhaust to the steering neck area.
  7. spidennis

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    what did I do to my xr today? I put her up for sale ....... times are tough ..... see the classifieds if interested.
  8. spidennis

    removing relay arm needle bearings tricks?

    thanks guys, you got me convinced, and I'm going to order those parts. I'm wondering if it will have the "string cheese" in it or the part had been upgraded. My regulator went bad (years ago) and it was replaced with an upgraded part number. I think I'll order two sets while I'm at it ..... thanks guys!
  9. spidennis

    removing relay arm needle bearings tricks?

    this is a pic from fellow tt-er AV (I believe):
  10. spidennis

    removing relay arm needle bearings tricks?

    I don't think those parts are the needle bearings , and this is for an 03' model and the bearings sit into a well that has a lip on each side to hold them in. there is not going to be any way to press in anything. this would work on 05' and new though, but not 02,03,04 models. now what I am wanting to know is if an 05 would fit in my 03 wr?
  11. spidennis

    removing relay arm needle bearings tricks?

    these things should have zerks fittings on them! now I got to find some replacement needle bearings ......... suggestions anyone?
  12. spidennis

    removing relay arm needle bearings tricks?

    I used my electric heat gun and could hear the bearings twink as they were popping loose but still couldn't get the pick to get them out. then I tried a hammer ...... I tapped and tapped, did a machine gun tap, then harder, and nothing, it was still stuck. just when I'd though I'd quit and try putting it in the freezer and then later heating the outside with the inside cooled off, I figured I'd hammer on it one last time and ..... and ...... success! One of the needle bearing popped loose! ...... but it's a bittersweet victory, the needle bearing are in horrible shape and are rusted ...... this is the other set. a big difference huh?
  13. spidennis

    removing relay arm needle bearings tricks?

    I got plenty of brake cleaner ..... I might put a wine bottle cork in the one end and I can fill it up and let it soak in some .... edit: brake cleaner isn't good on rubber parts ..... I'm gonna try and heat the outside aluminum some, maybe it'll expand some and loose up on the needle bearings?
  14. spidennis

    removing relay arm needle bearings tricks?

    I tried the dental pics, the magnet, tapping, etc .... Like I already mentioned, I got the first set out ok ...... and this isn't a new piece of kit, it's got some miles on her! and the whole reason for a re build ..... and while they don't seem to be rusted in place, it sure feels that way! maybe I need for it to sit in a solvent for awhile? there's a seal on each side ..... I need a solvent that won't destroy the seals ....
  15. I'm trying to re grease the relay arm on my 2003 WR250F. I got out one set ok, but can't seem to get the next set out. I got the string cheese out from the top but just can't seem to get that first needle bearing to come out. Is there any trick to doing this?