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  1. johnson357

    Pit bike in the Dakar

    Just thought I would post think link........pretty cool but I think he is done already......just following along on service roads......or at least that is what I read on another site. http://www.cmsnl.com/news/dakar-on-a-minibike_news534.html
  2. johnson357

    9x Race Report & Appreciation

    Good job Gabe, it was nice to meet you.............not as nice a meeting a pro road racer but nice Glad to hear you got home safe and sound to South Dakota
  3. johnson357

    Baja Racing: It’s Not for Everyone

    I've been writing my congressman about moving Indiana closer to the west coast but have had no luck so far.
  4. johnson357

    Baja Racing: It’s Not for Everyone

    Ditto! well except for the part about knowing him before he married his sister I knew all of them after We used Tim and the had the time of our lives. The only problem is trying to figure out how go to back more
  5. johnson357

    Woohoo! We were on National Television!

    Ron, I DVR'd it but don't know how to burn it from there. You're more than welcome to come over and watch it, if your in the neighborhood of Indiana. I doubt you want to come to cold ass IN right now though.
  6. johnson357

    Woohoo! We were on National Television!

    I didn't see us, but I told the wife everytime they showed somebody from far away that it was us. Tim and Jen (Baja Bound) are great people to tour/race with down in Baja because they even called me to make sure I knew it was on!
  7. johnson357

    Baja Tour?

    Another Ditto for Tim and bajaboundmoto. The who Baja Bound crew is awesome and Tim is the real deal, knows baja inside and out. See 307X from this 1000. Don't let the fact that Tim is super fast scare you either because he was super nice to us spodes from Indiana that had never been out there before. Best time ever on a dirt bike can't wait to go back.
  8. johnson357


    Brought our own gear paid for our plane tickets and entry fees. They took care of everything else. Sorry, we did have to buy our own dinner at night. But in the morning they would have the coffee goin down by the trailer with breakfast goodies. Lets just say it was worth the extra to have it done right. I know what you are thinking oh these guys are rich and money is not a problem. Well that is not true either; I'm a cop and my partner Matt is a fireman.
  9. johnson357


    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Thanks. By the way from left to right: Jennifer Morton, Matt Davidson, Me, Tim Morton.
  10. johnson357


    Iron, How it worked for us was much like you, (it sounds like anyway). We were going to take our own pre-run and race bike. I was trying to get info and called Baja Bound. I spoke to Jennifer (Tim's wife) and she was so helpful. Talking to them reminded me more of getting advice from buddy's at the race track rather than they were trying to sell me something. After a couple of phone calls all our plans changed. I started putting numbers down of what I thought it would cost us to haul down, hotel, pits, and chase guys etc......Then it dawned on us that if we are going to spend that kind of money to travel out there and race we would be better off spending just a little more and triple our odds of 1. Finishing the race 2. Being Safe (I know that should be first but we are racers) 3. Having a good time. So that is when we started to put a plan together with Baja Bound. It was the best idea we had about racing Baja to date. Think about it if you do not do this kind of racing there is a lot to learn. It is a far cry from throwing my bike in the van and going to the local 2 or 3 hour harescramble. They think of every little detail that you could not even imagine (until you're sitting in the middle of the Mexico wondering how long you will have to wait to get picked up, if at all). The equipment was top notch also. Pre-runners were 06 XR650s (decked out), I mean so decked out probably nicer than the race bike we would have put together. Then there was the race bike. It was a thing of beauty and ready for war at the same time. Prec. Con. Susp/GPR stb/Appl Clamps/IMS quick fill tank etc........ Lets just say it was a way nicer bike than we could of built. Plus chase truck drivers, that know where they are going. Lets face it we are from IN and not about to learn the roads better than somebody that has been going down there for around 20yrs. Sorry not smart enough to figure out how to insert a couple pictures so here is a link to the picture section on www.bajaboundmoto.com. http://www.bajaboundmoto.com/photos/baja500.2006.html I could type for days about our trip and Baja Bound. But I don't want to use all the bandwidth. So if you would like pm me and I'll send you my phone number and I'll be more than willing to talk to you all you like about it. Scott
  11. johnson357


    You will have a blast with Baja Bound, they rock They did our whole race setup for the 500 this year and it was awesome....it was like being a factory rider for week.
  12. johnson357

    Crazy new lights fr. Baja Designs

    Hi Tim! Hi Ron! Those lights rock:applause: .......Tim, will you let us booger eating cones from the midwest use those when we come out to race the 1000 next year (hopefully). Good Luck in the 1000
  13. johnson357

    Crafordsville Ironman GNCC pics

    Great pics.............wish I would have waited for the pics instead of riding it..........rut-fest
  14. johnson357

    Klotz Ironman, Crawfordsville, IN?

    Don't let the rain worry you too much. The course holds water pretty well, though we have had a lot of rain so far this week. Also if they keep with how they normally do things; the big hills should be down hills this year. They usually seem to switch, up one year down the next. So this should be a down year. So come give it a try it is a awesome race.
  15. johnson357


    I bet that is a painful learning curve in there.