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  1. WRgrom

    2007 Triple Clamps????

  2. WRgrom

    2007 Triple Clamps????

    Just wondering are the 2007 WR450 stock handlebars 7/8" or are they 1" 1/8"? I have a 2005 WR with the stock triple clamps cast one piece. I wanted to put the 2007 triple clamps on so I can go with a fatter bar to be able to mount my new/used GPR steering stabilizer which has the upper mount for 1" 1/8" bars. I'm on a budget so going with the 07 triple clamp will save some cash. Any info would be helpful
  3. WRgrom

    2005 KLX 110 rings

    I have a 2005 KLX 110 with the head apart. I'm changing the rings and after pulling them off the piston realized one ring has a taper on one side. Does the ring with the taper go on top or on the bottom? And does the taper go up or down?
  4. WRgrom

    Kx65 & rm65?

    That is so true about the Suzuki prices are cheaper than the Kawasaki prices. Chain slide RM price 12 buck's KX price 24 buck's?
  5. WRgrom

    Kx65 & rm65?

    O.k. just wanted to clear that up Thank's:thumbsup: So if you buy a Kawasaki you better like Suzuki, or vise versa:ride:
  6. WRgrom

    Kx65 & rm65?

    Now does anybody know if a KX65 and a RM65 are the same bike???? I was told they are basically the same bike. The RM65 is a KX65???
  7. WRgrom

    RM 65 Clutch issues?

    You the Man!!! Thank's:ride:
  8. WRgrom

    RM 65 Clutch issues?

    Thank's for the info myhilo33
  9. WRgrom

    RM 65 Clutch issues?

    Bought a used RM 65 2003. While pulling off parts to paint I clicked the shift lever into 1st gear o.k. no problem. Come back after painting parts go to remove the chain pull in the clutch to spin the back wheel to get to the master link in line and the back wheel rolled a bit and clunk you know in gear. What the @#$% the clutch is pulled in the wheel should spin nope. O.K. what is going on? is the clutch bad or what?
  10. WRgrom

    RM's on Craigslist

    I just picked up a RM65 2003 off of CL. What a sick bike! Here is the deal, Pro Circuit head pipe Platnium Pro Circuit 302 exhaust, FLEXX bars BRP triple clamp new plastics new MAXXIS tires AsV levers clutch and front brake Renthal chain and sprockets all receipt's and a Cycra stand $1100 Buck's:ride: My boy is going to have the best Christmas!
  11. WRgrom

    Endurocross Finals Video!!!

    Nice flick... Turning off the lights... SICK
  12. Tailgate theft is going around. My tailgate was stolen 99' chevy old body style... Invest in a lock, it only takes 3 seconds to remove a tailgate. Just giving all the truck owners out there the heads up! It doesn't matter any year or brand truck!
  13. WRgrom

    Oh my god

    I don't know you tell me ?
  14. Hey man I'm in the same boat . I just broke my schoid bone about 5.5 weeks ago I've been in cast for all 5.5weeks it sucks I go next tuesday for removal of cast and x-ray. They say surgery is always an option. Your lookin at a long recovery if surgery. I think i dodged the bullet . This bone is one that takes alot of time to heal due to lackof blood flow... Hope it works out for you later!
  15. WRgrom

    Oh my god

    All I can say is you can tell alot about somebody just by looking at there bike GAY!