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  1. mx201


    hey guys i went to go take my sparkplug out nd the 5/8 socket wont fit in the hole thats there... wats the deal???
  2. mx201

    07 250 sxf,triple clamp

    hey dude...if u runnin motocross then you will want to have it stay stock and if u way around 160 or so u will have no high speed instability. I weigh 130 and i barely get head shake with just adjusting the clickers and sag. your def goin to enjoy this bike.
  3. ok guys to answer all your questions..I always fill up the oil filter cavity and after the first filter crushed i let the bike warm up alot b4 even touching the thottle.The oil i use is spectro full synthetic and my dealer told me to run the 15w50. but as for how many hours i have on my bike is prob alot i;ve had it since august so if i had to ask prob 35 or so maybe more...it still runs strong and havent check the valves but its due soon.
  4. sorry this is a 250sxf
  5. Well went to go change the oil on the good ole 07 ktm today nd the filter was crush like hardcore... had to pry it out with 2 screwdrivers and it hasnt even been cold around here lately..I'm so afriad of premature engine falure beucase of this. I have a stainless steel filter now but should i be concerned about this??Im using 15w50 spectro oil nd changing it every 4 hours of ride time.
  6. mx201

    oil filter crushed?????

    ya i always add oil into the oil filter chamber and never rev my bike until its fully warm. Nah the bike def wasnt low on oil becuase i check it all the time. It was about 50 degrees out when i warmed it up but idk if that had ne thing to do with it??
  7. Hey everyone i have a 07 250 sxf and it had about 10 hours or maybe more not sure but this last time i went to change my oil i took the filter out and it was all crushed and i couldt barely get it out. What could have cuased this and did it do ne damage to the engine??? thanks anthony
  8. mx201

    07 250 sxf Pre Prints

    i got mine from powersport graffix...i forget the site just search that and it should come up.
  9. hey guys..i just got a brand new 07 2 weeks ago and raced its 4 or 6 times...when i fall and try and start it wont start at all...it take like 2 or 3 minutes of constant kicking to start. i'm just wondering if the valves already could have moved enough to make it start hard?? or is it something else?? i kick it nice and slow too. any help would be great. anthony#201
  10. hey does anyone know if any companys have preprints yet??? its for the 250sxf
  11. mx201

    How tall were you? (KTM 250SX-F)

    hey man.. i just picked up my 07 250sxf yesterday.. i'm only like 5'4 at the most and i have no problem with it..i just have to lean it a little bit and use a block off the start.but i'm use to that i got my 125 when i was like 5'1.
  12. mx201

    New to KTM getting 07 250sxf

    hey man...i picked mine up yesterday... i absolutely love it. I was at southwick racing and i broke it and in and then let her cool down and then went out there and gave her hell and the bike is great...it pulls so hard and corners like a dream. i weigh about 130 and the suspension is stiff but for being stock its great...u'll love the bike for sure. coming off a ktm 125sx to this its so nice...it feels lighter than my 125 did. after only riding it for the break.... i went out and won my regular moto..the bike is sweet. u'll have fun on it. anthony#201
  13. hey everyone, i race a 2005 ktm 125sx and am going to pick up an 07 kxf as soon as they come out. but now i'm reconsidering it becuase of my riding style...say i'm in a straight and a corner is only about 50 feet away and i run outa gear i tend to just keep it on and not shift my 125 cuz i dont feel like shifting and then just down shifting that soon. also when i shift down in the air i tend not to use the clutch. i'm just worried about blowing the 4stroke up.so i'm just looking for some opinions on wether or not i should buy the 4stroke??? thanks anthony
  14. mx201

    pickin up 06?

    Hey evryone i'm picking up my 06 tomorrow and i have a race on saturday could i just bring oil with me and break it in at practice?? or wat should i do? thanks anthony
  15. mx201

    06 kxf

    hey guys i'm thinking of picking up an 06 kxf. I ride a ktm 125 now and i want to buy a 4stroke to see if i'm any better on it.how should i break her in. Ride it like i would normally do but just stay off the rev limiter.