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  1. crf450dirtboy

    Simple battery question

    I installed the pigtails on two of my bikes without having to modify anything. After a year of only using the charger when the bikes are already drained its time to bite the bullet and buy two batterys. Obviously if you dont keep it on there it wont work as I found out. Is there a battery out there that is better at recharging and holding a charge? I know that truck batterys come in many different types and qualities. Anyone?
  2. crf450dirtboy

    Don't you love it when.....

    I married mine too! Its hard to say who is more diehard. I have given up all together on my old riding buddys who got me into riding in the first place. They can stay home an knit me a new pair of riding sox while we tear it up!
  3. crf450dirtboy

    Wide foot- any boot suggestions?

    I also have the oxstar TCX Pro's (size 12 EEE) they fit if you dont use the booties, and I found that the straps break to often. You can only get the replacement buckle and strap together now ' way lame ' for ten or 15 buck a piece. $15 times 10 straps = a good reason to pass on these boots.
  4. crf450dirtboy

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    Jon Puyallup 05 crf450x 05crf230f
  5. crf450dirtboy

    Best front tire

    runnin D756 front and rear. Havent had any front end washout since.......not that that was a major issue before .
  6. crf450dirtboy

    super cross at Quest field

    The first time I saw the prints on that job as an Electrical Apprentice, I had the exact same epiphany! Why are we getting rid of the dome to build an open field? What was worse is that everyone had voted down building that place several times and they STILL built it. ( Thank you former gov. Gary Locke ) Paul Allen started First & Goal Inc. to essentially build it. Not only did he have something to do with it, he has his own private elevator to his suite. Paul Allen is a big one up here for feeding off the public tax trauf.
  7. crf450dirtboy

    anyone got a Capitol Forest report?

    You'll have to excuse alaska gurl, she is a retard. If you take the trail to the right as you enter middle waddell you can bypass the "amateur hour" front section. Dont get me wrong, the front section is great as long as there arent alot of jokers on utility quads. We will be going again on Friday morning and staying till Sunday. I had been waiting all winter to go there, and now I will be there every nice weekend I can! ps she is my wife.
  8. crf450dirtboy

    HB 2617 - Passed!

    wow! that was really dry!!! as far as I can tell you can ride your bike on a private road as long as you have permission. Also it sounds like the owner cant be held liable. I hope thats about right. at least thats what I got out of it
  9. crf450dirtboy

    Snow at belfare?

    I think everyone in the state must have heard you. Everyone with a bike, quad, or go cart was there. I wanted to turn around when I saw the mess, but It took an hour to get there, so we just stuck to the single track. chaos
  10. crf450dirtboy

    video from last weekend

    nice !!
  11. crf450dirtboy

    Help I'm Sliding?

    Do you have a preferance between the D756 RR and the D756 Motocross?
  12. crf450dirtboy

    450X Paddle Tire Question.

    I dont have any personal experiance in the sand yet, but everyone is recomending the Vulcanized Skat Trac paddles. They say they fit without adjusting your chain or sprocket. linky http://www.scottsperformance.com/tires.php
  13. crf450dirtboy

    What shot is better?

    Number two gets my vote.
  14. crf450dirtboy

    HRC's the wrench mods vs JD jeting kit??

    FBCRF have you had any problems with that setup unscrewing over time or bumping it out of place? I looks like the ideal setup if it actually stays put.