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  1. underthetire

    $100 to spend

    Dyno jet kit with the 3x3 mod !
  2. underthetire

    What size sprocket do you have?

    14/44 here
  3. underthetire

    drz stalling only when i stand up

    I agree with the other posts. Figured mine out the hard way!
  4. underthetire

    87 xr 100 has eradic idle

    Possible water in the carb? Mine (03) did the same thing. Also make sure the vent hose for the float bowl is not kinked.
  5. I have a 03Xr100 and a 82 XR80. The whole hub is different, different size brakes, drum, and plate. The old XR actually stops better.
  6. underthetire

    DRZS fan question-poll

    Usually slow, when is was cold outside, the snow was too deep for my DOT tires. about 15 then. Yesterday i was bombing down a trail at about 35, it came on when i pulled over to wait for a quad. I still have the stock pipe on it ( modified) and radiator guards.
  7. underthetire

    Riding in Sonora yesterday. Nice views

    Discovery bay.
  8. underthetire

    Riding in Sonora yesterday. Nice views

    You are lucky! Nice place to live. I'm almost 2 hours away. Some of the shots were taken from the fire observation tower.
  9. Hey, check out some of the Chinese duals. I know a couple guys that bought them for their ball and chains for next to nothing. You just need to loctite some of the little crap on. They seem to run very nice and are durable enough for light riding. Just don't jump them. I'll post a pic later of what happens to them after a Supercross style jump!
  10. underthetire

    Speedometer Possessed?

    Was the bike sitting outside? Iv'e seen mine do that sitting out overnight but it was very cold. Also had two friends spedos die. I found some cold solder joints on the pc board. easy repair if you have a very fine tip iron.
  11. underthetire

    Riding in Sonora yesterday. Nice views

    I'm not sure what it was called, my friend owns a machine shop there. It's on the far east side of town.
  12. underthetire

    DRZS fan question-poll

    The light has never come on.
  13. http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t239/underthetire/IMG_0016.jpg http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t239/underthetire/IMG_0009.jpg http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t239/underthetire/IMG_0015.jpg http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t239/underthetire/IMG_0010.jpg http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t239/underthetire/IMG_0006.jpg
  14. underthetire

    DRZS fan question-poll

    I have a 04 S that i did the dyno jet kit with the 3X3 with less than 20 miles on the bike. "break em in like a bitch, they run like a bitch". I've noticed on tight stuff and farting around, my fan comes on. Even in lower temps ( around 35 degrees). I'm not the best rider but I do know how to use the right grip. How often should this fan come on? Should I pull the thermostat? Is the low end to lean? Anyone noticed? Let me know. Thanks all.
  15. underthetire

    a little SF supercross

    My friends very drunk girlfeind. I shot this with my little cannon elph. hard to get the sound right.