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  1. thanks guys, I think I've found a seat reshaper in calgary (150km away) she has gotten good reviews. under $200 CAD for reshaping, recovering
  2. So the KLR's won't fit, anyone make an aftermarket one, or just get the stock one customised?
  3. So another tour and another numb bum. So I want a new, and non-purple, seat for my 1996, klx650C. First will any years of the KLR fit? (thinking corbin dished for a lower standover, and wider) If the KLR's will not fit, does anyone make a stock KLX seat. A $500 - $700 full custom would be great, but just not going to happen I ride a mix of on and off road (forestry roads/double track), not much time standing on pegs, and 155 pounds (does that effect how firm you want a seat?)
  4. I have a KLX 650 C, mine had under 4000KM when I got it 2 months ago. now 8000
  5. so as the KLX tanks are so small (Yes I know that another thread is all about that but does Acerbis does make a 5 gallon tank for 96 KLX?) I'm having problems finding a tank bag that will fit the short lenght of the tank. wondering what if I just sewed in a few rare eather magnets into a pack I like and have?,42363,42348&ap=1 or is this too getto and wont work. I have LOTS of backpacks and some time.
  6. so Acerbis does make a 5 gallon tank for 96 KLX? I can't find it on the acerbis site or anywhere else. Is it a mod to make it fit?