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  1. banffklx

    KLX 650 C seat options? / will KLR's fit?

    thanks guys, I think I've found a seat reshaper in calgary (150km away) she has gotten good reviews. under $200 CAD for reshaping, recovering
  2. banffklx

    KLX 650 C seat options? / will KLR's fit?

    So the KLR's won't fit, anyone make an aftermarket one, or just get the stock one customised?
  3. So another tour and another numb bum. So I want a new, and non-purple, seat for my 1996, klx650C. First will any years of the KLR fit? (thinking corbin dished for a lower standover, and wider) If the KLR's will not fit, does anyone make a stock KLX seat. A $500 - $700 full custom would be great, but just not going to happen I ride a mix of on and off road (forestry roads/double track), not much time standing on pegs, and 155 pounds (does that effect how firm you want a seat?)
  4. banffklx

    How many here own KLX 650C/Rs

    I have a KLX 650 C, mine had under 4000KM when I got it 2 months ago. now 8000
  5. banffklx

    tank bag?

    so as the KLX tanks are so small (Yes I know that another thread is all about that but does Acerbis does make a 5 gallon tank for 96 KLX?) I'm having problems finding a tank bag that will fit the short lenght of the tank. wondering what if I just sewed in a few rare eather magnets into a pack I like and have? http://www.leevalley.com/hardware/page.aspx?c=1&p=32065&cat=3,42363,42348&ap=1 or is this too getto and wont work. I have LOTS of backpacks and some time.
  6. banffklx

    1995 KLX 650C/Plastic gas tank

    so Acerbis does make a 5 gallon tank for 96 KLX? I can't find it on the acerbis site or anywhere else. Is it a mod to make it fit?