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    any thing with a engine and wheels or prop
  1. HPIsavage

    The good old Knock off vs Honda debate!

    man you lit a fire under the honda boys again. this crap will never end. just because our knock offs are taking them over. j/k
  2. HPIsavage

    Need some advice

    i have a sikk 125 and its sweet just a little knock-off ish but i bash the heck out ouf it. and their customer support is amazing.
  3. HPIsavage

    Thoughts on "sikk" pit bikes?

    i have a sikk125 and it is awsome! so far 8 ppl have said that they want on so bad and they were riding their 50's when they said it! its held up exellently. i have put it through lots of 30ft table tops and hard landings. its amazing for the price! good investment! but be careful my uncle let out the cluch to fast and flipped it over! bent the brake pedal but it was ok.
  4. HPIsavage

    Any one with a vinco

    i got a title with my sikk they even gave m a vin sticker to put on but it fell off
  5. HPIsavage

    video link of pit bikes crashing:funny

    holy poo! he bounced off of the truck! thats got to hurt!thanks for the laugh!
  6. well how much do you have in your bike. lets see what ppl have and how much money has been dumped into it. i have a stock 1500 dollar sikk and just spent 50 bucks on tires. im not sayin that you have to be the best rider but if you have 6k in a bike you need to have some skill. really good skill. you can put 2 grand in a bike and its perfectly good to go.
  7. i dont like that some ppl think that their bike is better than mine cause i can ride circles around them on my sikk 125! a 7k crf isnt any good if you cant ride it! so quit raggin on us guys with cheap bikes and go ride! and the ppl im talkin bout kno who they are! i completly agree with "gotalf" we need to quit bikkering and ride!!!
  8. HPIsavage

    Any one with a vinco

    what one do you have the like 5 or 6grand one or the cheaper model. cause that 6 grand one looks like a monater and its got like 14 hp or sumthin crazy like that! i want one but when i get it some one will say its a crappy rice burnerand make fun of it! like all the other chinese bikes.but that things really nice lookin
  9. HPIsavage

    Am i to big?

    like honda250x said its fun to build it up but if you want to get a bigger more powerful bike NOW i think you should get a pitbike(sikk, pitsterpro,or thumpstar)
  10. HPIsavage

    Am i to big?

    hey the bike is only as good as the rider! i got a sikk 125 its nice cause of the clutch and the big a$$ motor behind it out of the hole. shoot its held up for me.
  11. HPIsavage

    Am i to big?

    hey the bike is only as good as the rider! i got a sikk 125 its nice cause of the clutch and the big a$$ motor behind it out of the hole. shoot its held up for me.
  12. HPIsavage

    Maintenance/Parts for Thumpstars

    hey ricerX where in florida do you live im in loxahatchee just wondering
  13. HPIsavage

    Anyone Ridden Sikk Mx??

    hey moto9 what did you do to the shifting star and where is it?
  14. HPIsavage

    slippy bars

    i called the guy at sikk he told me to shim slivers of soda can in the clamp. it worked great i cant move the darned thing for my life. thanks for the hints though
  15. HPIsavage


    hey all you guys are stupid! you want to have the best bike! it's only as good as the rider! and mabey some of us are 14 yrs old and dont have a job and worked the whole freaking summer to buy a dam good knock off to be ragged on by the honda guys. hey i would have got a honda and decked it out.....but you kno what you come up with that money and i'll be happy to do it! this is just dumb. its sad that you say that no one supports the pitbike community! &%$#@! do you think we are all here for? we all love our bikes and that ins't going to change bcause some spoiled guy says my bike isnt as good as the next guys!