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  1. Slippery wasn't the problem. The oil was to thick. When I pulled in the clutch the bike kept wanting to go just enough to where I had to hold to back to keep it from going forward.
  2. 1st time I did an oil change on my 04 I put an 85w in the trans side.the clutch wouldn't fully disengage. Went back to 10-40 and it's fine now.
  3. Rode it!
  4. After 3 years off a dirt bike I picked up this 04 right before Christmas. Motor and suspension are freshly rebuilt and now I'm starting to powder coat parts on it.
  5. Pilot jet is to small
  6. 800-825 CC's in the trans. less than a Qt. For engine oil. Go to the faq's page it has the 411 your looking for.
  7. 06 sm 25,000+ miles. No fixes. I do check my valves every couple thousand miles but have yet to need to adjust them.
  8. Raising the forks (lowering the front end of the bike) will give you more steering but make it less stable at high speeds and does not address the problem you stated, rear sag. Go on YouTube and learn about suspension setup. Play with it a while until you find the set up you like or, bring it to someone and have it set up for you.
  9. Sounds more like you need to set your suspension up for your weight.
  10. 06 sm with 25k miles. Pipe, jetted, 3x3 and a 38 tooth rear. My bike lives at 3/4 plus throttle. I commute on it 50 miles a day. 45 of those miles are on the freeway. Never broke down but I do take good care of her. No plans to do any motor work until it blows or won't go any more.
  11. You don't need to put both feet flat on the ground. Learn to "tripod" it, 1 foot down leaned to one side. When you off-road you don't want your feet down unless your stopped. More clearance is better for ruts, rocks and other things you will come across.
  12. I'll hit 23,000 tomorrow. Only "problem" I've had is a battery. I don't count normal wear items ie. tires, chain, sprockets, brakes and such as problems.
  13. Target fixation.
  14. 22k +. mine lives on the main jet and has never let me down.
  15. With my Tahoe around the same that's why I ride my drz almost every day.