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    xr200 tranny problem

    Old school and the rest--thanks for the tips, I am going to dig into it next week hopefully if I have time.. Will probably be a long drawn out process due to my limited work season up here in montana..That xr 200r is just to great a bike to throw away.. thanks mtdog
  2. mtdog

    xr200 tranny problem

    Thanks guys,, here is a little more info on this tranny---Start it up and go ride around mellow for 15 minutes on flat ground it shifts normal..Start getting on it on the trails and then the problem starts...No I do not ride with my boot against the shift lever,, but I think youare correct in saying the shift lever or"drum" is not returning to its correct position after it is ridden hard in 3rd gear,, most of the time while trying to downshift to 2nd the lever feels like it is already at the full bottom of the shift stroke with no where else to go...OK everyone here it is.. I grew up riding maicos and flat tracking bultacos in the late 70s-early 80s--Took about 15 years off from dirt riding, went out and bought a 96 xr600, fun bike but way to heavy,,sold it and bought a 98 xr250,,way to slow for me,,since then I havent had a bike other than this xr200r I got from my dad when he quit riding..Just a great bike,,of course me wieghing 215 buck naked is a little bit much for the little old xr it is a gas to ride..Ok last week I test rode a cr500--wow a little to much--this week a cr250r and a ktm300..didnt really like any of them , the problem is I am not use to these new bikes being so tall..I really like the feel of the crf450r but as of yet have not found anyone to let me try one--alright lets hear the remarks about this, and any more help with the xr200r. thanks montana dog
  3. mtdog

    xr200 tranny problem

    Hey guys The shift forks probably could be the problem, also Powroll said to change the clutch out as a worn clutch will put pressure on the 2nd gear which is a slide gear there by causing it to stick.. Powroll seemed very knowledgeable.. was just hoping others had the same problem and I would get a definite answer on the problem..Dude--am looking for a new bike for myself, really looked hard at the crf450r,, I am not used to these big tall bikes yet, grew up on maicos and bultacos of yesteryear..If I can get this bike fixed It will be perfect for the wife...Thanks for the welcome to the site. see ya Montana Dog
  4. mtdog

    xr200 tranny problem

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie to this site and have an ongoing problem with my 82' xr200r.. While riding easy on flat ground the bike will shift and downshift normally,, but when I am riding hard especially in a tough uphill situation and I try to downshift into 2nd gear the shift lever feels as though it is bottomed out already and the bike stays in 3rd.. In order to rectify the problem I have to upshift into 4th and try again to downshift into 2nd, which by this time I am usually stalled out and just stopped on the hill..Once in a while if I concentrate on downshifting into 2nd and just barely touch the shift lever it will go into 2nd ok. But that is not a reliable answer to the problem..I did have the entire motor rebuilt by the local honda shop and told them of the problem, they said they found no problem in the tranny, put it back together and the problem is still the same. thanks for the help ahead of time---its a great bike--must fix