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  1. Goofball1205

    Pro taper triple clamps rise?

    Does anyone know what the rise is on the pro taper triple clamps? Is it the same as stock? I looked around and couldn't find any information on the dimensions.
  2. A fellow rider asked me how much it would cost him to have me change his valve seals. I suggested also doing a piston/rings, and cam chain as well. However I have no idea how much I should charge him. He's a not a close friend he's a friend of a friend but I still don't want to rip him off. Any ideas? Or know how much a dealer would charge. Bike is a 2014 or 15 YZ450F.
  3. I've been using DT1 filters in my bike. They are larger than stock and you have to be careful when installing them to make sure they are sealed all the way around. But I haven't had any issues to speak of with them. From reading this thread it seems all aftermarket filters are a little larger. Not sure why they can't make them fit around the sealing side of the frame better so they can't miss the lip when installing them. I'll have to try the two air filters. For those with the GYTR/Uni filters are they still the two piece filters you can separate? Or are the two layers of foam now bonded together?
  4. Yeah definitely dividing the rear from the front. Not quite sure how yet. I'm 6' so I can't sleep across the van. I have to sleep length wise to fit and be comfortable. I think I may stagger the wall. So it will start right behind the side doors until 2 feet from the far side. it will move aft 2-3 feet. so it will be a zigzag sort of shape. I should only need to fit 2 full size bikes and a pit bike so hopefully i can still fit both of those. It will then have 2 bunks behind the driver seat oriented length wise. where the top bunk will fold up leaving extra head room if I'm traveling alone. A bench will then fit across the front of the wall. It's still a rough idea in my head. I have a few sketches but need to do some measuring and more thorough planing.
  5. Do you have pictures of the wheels on your van? curious what the 17 inch wheels look like.
  6. I recently Purchased a 2006 Extended Chevy Express 3500 van to convert into a Motovan. When I bought the van it had carpeting throughout the rear of the van. floor, ceiling, and walls. I think for insulation. I started by removing the floor carpeting and was pleased to find the OEM rubber mat in almost new condition. the picture doesn't do it justice as I had already spread dirt throughout it with test fitting my dirt bike and climbing in and out on a dirt lot. It had a few problems when I picked it up. 1. Soon after the purchase it developed a random misfire code 2. The oil pan and valve cover were leaking 3. The driver seat had the normal butt rip 4. The windshield washer pump did't work 5. Power steering pump leaks First things first I troubleshot the misfire to the best of my ability and available tooling. I had to suck it up and take it to a dealer where they found a bad crank position sensor. after changing that and doing the crank re-learn procedure all was well. No more check engine light. The oil pan and valve cover were easy I went ahead and changed the valve cover and oil pan gaskets. took a little longer then expected but thats probably because I took my time and cleaned out the sludge in the bottom of the oil pan and all the mating surfaces before reassembling. The driver seat was interesting. I searched the internet for several weeks looking for vans being parted out. I was hoping to find a conversion van but had very little luck. I eventually found a set of conversion van seats in Chicago for $150. I drove 4 hours each way to pick them up. Upon arrival I realized I had misread or understand the add and they were rear passenger seats. After inspecting the frame I figured for $150 I could try to make them fit my needs. However when I arrived home I found they had been soaked at one point and the inner foam wreaked of mold/mildew. I stripped them down to try to save them before I gave up. The frames were pretty rusted and I didn't want the van to wreak in the summer when it got hot. I found another seat of stock seats with the arm rests on craigslist. they were new take offs from a conversion van company and much closer this time. When I arrived to pick them up he had a huge pull barn filled with front seats. I was hoping to find a set of Vinyl seats and while we looked I found a set of leather rear bucket seats never used from explorer conversion van company. luckily from my first attempt I discovered the conversion van companies use the same frames for the front and rear seats. I was able to pick up this set for $100. The original seats. the new seats waiting to be installed. still dusty from sitting in the barn. I'll take an after picture here soon. I didn't realize I hadn't already take one. I then tackled the Water pump thinking it was something like a dead pump. However I hooked a meter to it and found it wasn't getting power. When I checked the fuse I found it was corroded and one of the posts was broken off in the fuse box. I tried to removed it with tweezers with no luck. I ended up having to pull the fuse box out and completely disassemble it. after reassembly the driver side worked but not the passenger side. after some quick troubleshooting I found the hose from the driver to passenger was chaffed through. I had to order a new one but after replacement everything works perfectly now. The power steering pump will have to wait until another day for now. The first over night outing with the van. It's still empty inside the wife and I slept on Camping cots for the night. The next issue I want to tackle is wheels. The guy before me put different wheels on it. Near as I can tell they are from a mid 90's Ford F250. The fronts are 16x7 or 7.5 with 265 tires and the rears are 16x8 or 9 with 305 tires. They have cooper discovery tires with good tread but they don't fit my needs. This van is primarily driven on the highway for 2 or more hours to different races and in the winter from Michigan to Florida. These tires are LOUD on the highway and the rears stick out 2" or more from the fenders. I'd like to mount nice wheels and tires that are comfortable, a little more responsive, and can still take the occasional pothole on a dirt road. I'd like 17 or 18" rims. they look nice and fill out the fenders nicely. However I can't find any fitment information for either wheel size. I know the conversion van companies mount 20's so why wouldn't I be able to mount 17 or 18" rims. I found some fitment information for the 2500 8-lug vans. Are the suspension dimensions the same? Or is there a risk of the suspension components rubbing because of beefier components on the 3500? Any suggestions on wheel fitment would be greatly appreciated. In an ideal world I'd really like some KMC wheels either the XD grenade or XD775 Rockstar, mated to Michelin Defender LTX in 255/65R18 or 245/75R17 Still to come. Wall installation Stereo upgrade Sound/heat insulation for front cab bunk layout accessory racks and cabinets for garage area
  7. Goofball1205

    What is the Purpose of the Segment

    I believe it has a few uses. It gives you the feel of the shifts. It helps hold the transmission in gear. And it's ramped so the bike shifts quickly into each gear to avoid gear chatter and damage to the gear dogs. But this is only my mechanical understanding of it from looking at the bike pulled apart. I'm not 100% sure on it.
  8. Goofball1205

    2016 crank assy. In 2015?

    Heard back from an engine builder. You can install the 2016 YZ250F crank assy. in the 2015 YZ250F bike. I have a list with part numbers of all the engine parts updated for 2016. I believe 3rd gear pinion 19T is mis-labeled in the parts fiche. I think it actually supposed to be 4th gear wheel. 1SM-11400-20-00 Crank Shaft Assembly 1 1SM-116A0-10-00 Piston Assembly 1 1SM-17241-10-00 3rd Gear Pinion 19T/4th Wheel 1 1SM-17251-10-00 5th Gear Wheel 1 1SM-17131-10-00 3rd Gear Pinion 20T 1 1SM-1145A-00-0 Balance Shaft Weight 3 1 1SM-11454-10-00 Balance Shaft Weight 1 1 2GB-18140-10-00 Shift Stopper Lever Assembly 1 2GB-18185-00-00 Shift Segment (Star) 1 1SM-15155-10-0 Cylinder Oil Nozzle #3 1 90149-06083-00 Balance Weight Screw 2 90508-29041-00 Shift Torsion Spring 1
  9. Goofball1205

    2016 crank assy. In 2015?

    Rebuilding my 2015 engine and figured I could just update it to 2016 parts if they are compatible. Does anyone know if I can use a 2016 crank assy. In a 2015 case. Obviously I would update the piston and balance weights accordingly. I checked case PN's and there is a revision but not sure if the dimensions of the case were changed to accommodate the different crankshaft or if it was some other revision.
  10. Goofball1205

    14-15 Fork Guards

    Just picked up a 15 YZ250F. Looking for some good OEM replacement fork guards without "Yamaha" molded into them to make mounting graphics easier. Any experience with the aftermarket brands? Acerbis, Polisport, UFO? Looking for the most accurate reproduction and best quality. Thanks, Matt
  11. Goofball1205

    Disappointed with Yamaha Motor Corp.

    ^^ that's the wrong recall. That recall was for a water pump shaft I believe. The connecting rod issue has not yet been addressed by Yamaha.
  12. Goofball1205

    Prices for 2015 yz250F

    What prices have people been quoted on the 2015 YZ250F out the door? The best I've got so far is $7,200 out the door then $300 rebate from Blu Cru. Anyone find anything better in the Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania areas? Thanks, Matt
  13. I'm looking to buy a new Yamaha YZ250F to race. What I need to know is with what VIN# or build date did they start incorporating the new connecting rod (PN: 1SM-11651-01-00) or updated crank shaft assembly (PN: 1SM-11400-01-00) I know it's not confirmed if they have a true problem with the old one but if I'm going to buy new and drop $7,200 I'd like to avoid it all together. Thanks, Matt
  14. Goofball1205

    2015 yz250f engine failure

    I'm looking to purchase a new yamaha. Does anyone know what vin number the updated connecting rod started being installed on? Or a phone number or other way to get ahold of yamaha to get this information? If I'm going to buy new, I wouldn't mind waiting to make sure I get an updated connecting rod. Thanks, Matt
  15. Goofball1205

    '14 YZ which oil to use

    You are who I was referring too. Didn't want to throw your name out there and have you bombarded my PM's and questions. It's a bummer that thread is no longer on here. It was priceless information and has saved me a bunch of money over the years.