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  1. oscarthemouse

    2 moto on a 450?

    I searched in the general forum for the answer im looking for but didnt find it. I am wanting to put a track on my 06 450. www.2moto.com if you havent seen them. One of my buddies that sells them also has one on his ktm 525 and the thing is so fun. Im wondering what the general consensus is on how it will affect my motor and things like that? If you keep up on oil changes and air filter i really dont see the problem with them. Use a good grade oil. The only thing im worried about is maybe the clutch? Any thoughts would be nice. Thanks
  2. oscarthemouse

    Where to get jets?

    Nevermind,Found some.
  3. oscarthemouse

    Where to get jets?

    Where can i get a pilot jet for my carb? It has the stock 15 in it right now.I want the 17.5 but cant find one any where. I have searched, but apparently not in the right spot. I believe its a 24mm and not a 22mm. Its a 125cc GPX. Thanks
  4. oscarthemouse

    Swingarm for 2006 pitster pro

    Wow thats a good deal on the 08. I have been doing some research. I just found that one and thought it looked weird. Just save up some more money and see what comes around. Thanks for the information
  5. oscarthemouse

    Swingarm for 2006 pitster pro

    It broke the shock itself? Wow, there isnt any other swingarm to put on it to fix this? Well you said you sold a kit, does that mean you dont do that any more? Im only gonna buy it for $625. Nothing higher. THe guy says hardly ridden. Thanks for the information.
  6. oscarthemouse

    Swingarm for 2006 pitster pro

    Ok, please forgive my begginer questoins. Im looking at buying a used 2006 pitster pro xc 125cc. The pictures i have seen, the swingarm looks weird at where the shock mounts to it. Almost like a banana shaped swingarm i would say? Is this normal for the year or is this somethign aftermarket? Is there any swingarms out there that i could put on it? To me it looks like it would be awfully weak. Thanks.
  7. oscarthemouse

    Pitster pro X2 motor?

    Im looking to buy a pitbike sometime in the future and doing a little research. I have a couple questions about the motor on these bikes. Mainly a pister 140cc. Is it the same bottom end as say a 50cc with just a different jug and top end? Or are they bigger case's and crank assembly? I just dont want to buy this thing and then 2 weeks later have something happen inside the motor because the bottom end couldnt handle what the top end pushes out.Does anyone know? Also those of you who have a pitster x2, have any of you ran a 12/12 wheel combination instead of a 10/12? Thanks for any information
  8. oscarthemouse

    First time changing fork seals

    Gray is right, a real seal driver would work much better than my plastic one. But being a hour and half away from a dealership that would have no idea what i was talking about and waiting if i ordered one online, i just used my resources. But will most likely buy a good driver for future references. But i did not do a full oil change, so i didnt need a base valve wrench.
  9. oscarthemouse

    First time changing fork seals

    Well i had some big wrenches that we have on our farm to take the big caps off, they did the job, but after i had completed the job i did order the Tusk took off rocky mountain to take them off the next time i need to do a for service. Other than the seal driver i had to fab up i just used regular tools around our shop.
  10. Today i went ahead and jumped into changing my fork seals because they were both leaking and it was time. At first i was nervous about something going wrong. But after researching on here and watching a couple how to videos i felt more confident in doing it. The job itself is not that hard of a job. The only think i didnt have was a seal driver, so i just used a piece of PVC pipe cut in half, it worked great. Everything on here was so helpful to me. I greatly appreciate all the information you guys have on here. Thank you
  11. Well first of all I just changed colors, i was an avid honda rider for years, then i recently bought an 06 450. Love the bike, when i first got it, checked the oil as the manual says. It seemed low so i added some more till it got to the top of the XX, rode it once on a 3-5 hour ride. Been in the back of my pickup since, i noticed a little oil out of the valve cover tube, no big deal. Checked it again, fine. I rode it today for prolly 30-40 minutes, when i got back to the truck, there was oil on my wheel on the left side. Coming from the tube im assuming. I have searched this, but is this to much oil? Could something else be wrong with it? Im just new to the Yamaha's so i was curious. Anything i could check? Thanks for any information.
  12. oscarthemouse

    re-spoking rear wheel

    i was curious what would be the best way and easiest way to re-lace my rear wheel? if i buy new spokes how hard would it be to true it up? and input would be helpful. thanks
  13. oscarthemouse

    Shifter wont "return" to center.

    The shaft could be bent, but i would make sure none of the springs are out of place or broken. But its not hard to take out the shaft to see. Just take off the clutch and a couple gears and it pulls out the cluth side without splitting the cases.
  14. oscarthemouse

    Transmission wont stay in gear-Need help

    I just rebuilt the bottom end of my motor and put it all back together and rode it. The transmission seems to get stuck between gears sometimes. If i try and shift the gears fast it just gets stuck between gears it seems like. Just revs up and no movement. If i keep clicking up it will eventually go. I also noticed when i shift down to 1st gear it will just keep clicking down like it has more gears to go? Is this normal? I didnt have any left over parts when i got done. Did i manage to loose something? Any one else have this problem? Thanks
  15. oscarthemouse

    Wont start-No spark

    Well it runs now. I just wiggled some wires around and looked for loose connecetions or torn wires. Didnt find anything wrong. But after i did all that it fired right up first kick. Thanks