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  1. yamxer438

    Wyoming Visiting Evanston, WY

    I will be visiting Evanston, WY June 27th- July 5th and will have my dirt bike in tow. I'm hoping to hook up with some other dirt bike riders and do some riding while I'm there. Anyone free to do some riding in that time frame or can anyone recommend any good spots within a couple hours from there? Thanks.
  2. yamxer438

    wont run without choke

    I'm a ratard and think I may have put my slide plate on backwards. Hold that thought for a second I'll be back.
  3. Hate to ask this but I have done the research and tried different things I have read. Working on an 06 yz250f with a fcr 37 carb. It sat for a year with gas in the carb. It won’t run with the choke off. I have cleaned it, replaced all the gaskets (even the two that you aren’t supposed to be able to get to), and replaced the pilot jet. The hot start slide seems to be working properly and I can’t find any cracks in the intake boot. I’m at a loss as to what is wrong; any suggestions of something else I need to try would be greatly appreciated.
  4. yamxer438

    Fall Classic

    i was not thier, but from what he sais it was about perfect traction, a little chilly but no dust, and just a little snow here and thier
  5. yamxer438

    Fall Classic

    my brother did that race, signed up for expert and beat all of the open x people but one, and beat some of the pros.
  6. yamxer438

    lewiston, clarkston riding

    getnutz and shinyboat, i will send you pm's when i am gonna head up that way.
  7. yamxer438

    lewiston, clarkston riding

    going to go riding in the lewiston, clarkston area what are the good spots to hit. moto or forest dont matter. thanks
  8. well i could be wrong but, they probably take the cover off
  9. yamxer438

    Fun Run near Lebanon, OR Sunday 4/23

    had a couple buddys that went, they told me about the quad. They heard it was some like 60 year old guy trying to come down the hill side, hit a rock and the quad tipped on its side and he just let go and watched it go down the hill by itself he was ok though.
  10. yamxer438

    Reiter Trails area to be turned into a public park!

    bofore anyone verbally bashes 4x4ers, i am one, as well as a bike rider. their are idiots in every sport. im sure more than one 4x4 club did their part in helping out. Everyone helped out so everyone should get to enjoy it. (and by the way us fast bikers need some two track trails to get around you slow guys), theres my partaking in the jocularity
  11. yamxer438

    trask acually getting a marked trail system

    sweet, so warehouser buys half the land and shuts it down to dirtbikes,then the state is gonna come in and tell every person in the world about it, what a bunch of crap. thats the fun of no map every person i ride with knows different ways to get to the same places, so are they gonna mark the well used trails and close the hidden ones only the well educated know about. i have been riding and camping in that area for 18 years and i haven't needed a map the hole time why do i need one now
  12. anyone know anything about this, i was up on the east fork and saw that some of the trials were marked. I heard they are making a trail system up there and are going to map it out.
  13. yamxer438

    Wickiup OHV area?

    yes, if i am not mistaken it is on the same road as grassy and elk flats
  14. yamxer438

    Looking for the Hollywood staging area

    take the east fork till you can only go left or right. Go left i beileve it is the south fork, any way, you will run right into it cant miss it.
  15. yamxer438

    Everyone Please Fill Out

    names joel, ride 03 yz450, like to ride trask, and browns, and china hat area, and do some motocross