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  1. paulindubai

    8 year old signs with Husqvarna!

    doesnt this bike use the previous model engine from KTM?
  2. paulindubai

    Upgrade my 510 TXC

    Gents, I am seeking some help for the upgrade of my 510 (2009 TXC). I know I know it doesnt require much on the upgrade side but I think I would enjoy a little extra power in the desert. The bike has a racing exhaust (ex factory Europe). Now I have just received the racing cam with cam chain tensioner. To my surprise the tensioner does not fit on the stock cylinder. Very strange actually. Has anyone experienced this ? 2). The power parts catalog states "only use cam with RR cylinderhead". I have heard controversial stories, yes it works on standard head, no it doesnt.???? Any advice? 3) Anyone experience with the 530 kit on a TXC?? Because this is the next phase.
  3. paulindubai

    DirtBike Magazine 2010 TE510 VS KTM530 Shootout.

    Chalk and cheese, same category but totally different bikes. I own a 510 09 model(yes a TXC) and a friend operates a rental service with 530's. The bike's are similar in size but oh so different to ride. The Husky has way more low down torque but doesnt rev as high or as quick, the KTM rev's quicker and higher , on the 530 I feel i have to keep changing gears , on the 510 you get lazy. Both great bikes, one of the 530's had serious cash thrown at it, big bore kit (570/580) , factory suspension, etc etc , that bike and the husky were the favorites on the 400km desert tours. Next thing is a comparison between the TE300 and the KTM350 (two different bikes).
  4. paulindubai

    show off your husky

    My 09 or is it 10 510TCX in the desert. TCX510 Pro-tapers (the standard bars are too stiff). Twin Air filter Cage Racing Pipe (bummed off of European Enduro Team)
  5. paulindubai

    OPening up my TXC510

    Valves and top end in great condition, no wear on valves , cams etc etc. In regard to main bearings and crankshaft, you cannot feel anything but i need to be on the safe side so thats why i am replacing them. Same as 5th and 6 gear, the hard chrome on the gear is just wearing a little and since my 510 is geared rather short (max 130 kph) and i spend a lot of time in 4-5-6th i am just taking precautions. I was thinking of buying th new model but i will just sit tight for a year. It is still the most comfy desert bike.
  6. paulindubai

    OPening up my TXC510

    ps looks like a washer used on the cylinder head bolts.
  7. paulindubai

    OPening up my TXC510

    G'day gents, Last week the time was right for a full check up of my 510. It has approx 100 hours on the clock and it was time to check piston etc. Now comes the shock, this engine was brand new and never been opened. The underside of the piston looked like a rat had been chewing on it. Further investigation showed that a washer of some sorts had been in the engine (loose) since it was manufactured. (photo's will follow). The remnants of the washer were lodged between casing and the small oil sieve. This bike is very well maintained and the oil never had signs of metal in the oil.The washer was broken up in 6 little pieces. Now what was supposed to turn into just a piston change is turning into a larger rebuild. piston big end bearings new crank bearings Anyone else encountered this? ps whilst the engine is open checked out the gear box too, 5th and 6th gear sprockets main and countershaft are slightly worn and i will replace these too. Deep down i think a lot of other engines would have seized and maybe i am just lucky.
  8. paulindubai

    2009 510 TCX issues

    G'day all. Ridden my new TCX510 for about 15 hours now and loving every minute of it but i need some help on a couple of issues. Overheating : Bike overheat's (moderate riding in cool desert dunes ambient temp 28 degrees celcius. ANyone else with cooling issues? Blew the connection hose already but i knew that was going to happen. I am already running a cap with higher pressure. Am i a moron to think the cooling system only spills into the reservoir and does not suck back?? Will the large IMS tank influence cooling negatively due to different airflow? Contemplating ordering larger capacity custom made radiators and a cooling fan. all input welcome. thanks from the big sandbox.
  9. paulindubai

    best honda bike contest

    Here's my unusual 450X
  10. paulindubai

    CRF450X Transmission failure...please help.

    Now I wouldnt run an R topped out for long either, on the other hand a X should be able to run topped out for a sustained period of time. Target speed in desert sand 145-150 km/h. but it has to be safe ie. around the 120 km/h mark you need throttle response and if you got to high in gearing ie 14 or 15 with a 46-48 rear it will simply not respond and you end up switching between 4-5th constantly. Btw if it was a total heat seizure would the crank bearings also have been damaged?, or even Piston? Anyway it is now waiting on parts, help help help any shop who has gears for a 2005 X email me. PS there are 3 more X's in the workshop waiting for spares (gearboxes/cranks/gasket sets etc.) Anyone interested to source them please post me vanoz5@hotmail.com. No the other X's have had seizures they have just run over 10.000 km en need refurbishment. kind regs paul
  11. paulindubai

    CRF450X Transmission failure...please help.

    Hi there, This is the guy from Dubai with the locked up tranny, yes it was running a full quart. Finally got it rebuilt and guess what it seized again, I was running a new bashplate (incl. 2 liter water reserve) which is mandatory for rally's. Riding down a straight (sand track 9.8km long) topped out in 5th (14t x 48t) then my carbon yoshi blew to bits(This is when I suspect the damage was done. The next ride 10km's in the tranny seized. Our calculated guess is that not only does the amount of oil play a role also the airflow around the engine. Back to square one and another 18 days untill the rally starts. ps this is a stage of the world rally championship and I guess around 10-15 450X will be competing against a bunch of KTM's 660 Rally and the 2007 KTM 700 Rally. No the X will not win against these boys in the desert. Beleive me, a KTM can top out at 180 km/h in the sand but I reckon you will see one or two Honda's in the top 10. (no not me).
  12. Hi I am currently modifying my Honda 450X to compete in a rally, 100% desert. These modifications include but are not limited to : - 25 liter Acerbis front tank - Bashplate incl 2 liter water - Road/GPS/ICO bracket on head stock - Fairing - etc etc Now the question is : The X suspension is soft in standard configuration by any standard so what would the best option be to adapt the suspension to a heavier rally bike. The rear bottomed out even without the extra weight. ps I am about 85 kg and an intermediate rider. Any suggestions????
  13. paulindubai

    450X top speed?!!!

    Not in full rally trim and on a loose gravel road. top speed? yeah probably higher with a full fairing, a 500 cc 2 stroke will do about 180-190 kph, but they are faster than a 450 thumper. Dont forget KTM 660 top out at 170 in full rally kit.
  14. paulindubai

    140 hours of abuse

    Listen, no fighting now, I am happy with the bike, it outperforms an XR anyday, lighter faster more agile but it IS more expensive to run. A stock corked X will probably last for a long long time, but if you take the full potential of the X engine, uncork it, let it breath, put a decent exhaust on it, let it rev it will be the same as a KTM Husky or any other high performance enduro bike. Yes I ride it hard, stock suspension doesnt hack it for me on the X in the desert it bottoms out on jumps and up dunes and i am 85 kg and not fat. As a matter of fact i am chuffed with the durability of the bike compared to my previous bikes. I think you should see three types of bikes in the offroad market : Offroad / fun / pleasure : DRZ, XR, 450X (not modified too much) these bikes will last and require less workshop time. Offroad and Occassional Racing : WR, 450X, and a little higher end KTM and Husky, These people know that 4 stroke racing will eventually cost money on rebuilds, they dont like it but it will happen. High End : WR , 450X highly modified, Husky KTM HUSA, And price wise, if you want your X to ride and perform in this type of class with lots of racing and abuse the initial cost of getting it race ready is about the same as a stock KTM or HUSKY or whatever. It will cost alot to maintain, but whether that is in a lot of small maintainance bill or one large rebuild oh well depends on the owner. Dont forget most of the european bikes already come with quality suspension and other bits. Now that was my 5 cents worth.
  15. paulindubai

    450X top speed?!!!

    sounds about right, my X in full rally trim, modified das 95 mph with 14-48 but I reckon with 15-48 it shoud do about 105 tops.