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  1. meinese

    04 TC450 oil change

    Thanks Rick. Was able to figure out. This site is invaluable for newbies like myself. I appreciate your reply. Meinese
  2. meinese

    04 TC450 oil change

    Never mind. I traced my steps and am in good shape. They could have drawn the big oil filter and spring a little better in the book. My unit came with a largger spring between the cover and the filter. There is also a spring inside the filter itself. Thanks anyway, Meinese
  3. meinese

    04 TC450 oil change

    Never change your motorcycle oil for the first time in a poorly lite gargage!! I have a couple of questions for an 04 TC450 owner out there: - Does the drain plug have both a magneto and a washer? I ended up with a washer in the bottom of my oil drain pan. - I also ended up with a very small o ring in the bottom of the oil drain pan. I am thinking it goes with screen filter #6 on page 103 of the owner's manual? - Does the oil filter spring go in the inside of the filter or does it fit between the filter and the cover plate? I could of sworn it went between the filter and cover plate, but looks like the owner's manual shows the opposite. Thanks for the information, Meinese
  4. meinese

    Waiting for the 06 TC 510's/Selling my 04 TC 450

    Hey man, I had Hall's do my carb mod (jetting) but I do not believe they touched the accelerator pump setting. Do you know what they did with yours? Did it help with hot starts? I am currently pressing the ES while giving it throttle. Usually fires on the 2nd try - how is yours working? Thanks for the info, Meinese 04 TC 450
  5. meinese

    Halls Mikuni mods

    I think it made a difference for me - not magic though. I am still breaking in and seem to be more productive each time out on the bile (2004 TC450). I have learned that feathering the clutch and keeping on the throttle a little bit prevents some of the stalling. As for the hot starts, I have been pressing the starter and giving moderate gas to get started. Typically fires on the 2nd attempt. I have heard that adjusting the accelerator pump setting also helps, but not sure what it should be. Good luck.
  6. meinese

    kick starter on 2004 tc450

    Have you made any changes to your accelarator pump - I was thinking that someone said to run 0. Do you give any throttle at all for a hotstart? I get a popping noise when I try to hotstart - maybe the pump floods it. Thanks for the advice, Meinese
  7. I had Halls change the jetting on my TC450 and I still have a heck of a time re-firing it after a stall. I trickle charged the battery but am thinking it may need replaced. What have you guys found to be the best hotstart procedure with an electric starter? Has anyone installed the kick starter that came with the bike? I am thinking that might be a better alternative vs. the electric starter. Thanks for the information, Meinese
  8. Thanks for the great tips. Been a long time since I have owned a dirt bike and I need all the help I can get. Thanks again, Meinese
  9. Hey man, I just started my break in on a 2004 TC450 and have had a heck of a time with restarts after stalling. I do not have the kicker on yet and am using the electric start. Push start button, bike pops but does not start. I let it sit for a while and can get it started again. Did you have to adjust your carb at all? What kind of break in did you do - hard or soft? Appreciate any tips you can give me, Meinese