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  1. knobbylon

    motorcycle hauling trailers

    I have a camp trailer and behind it I want to tow an open motrocycle trailer to carry my KLX400. Who has the best selection of trailers between Northern CO and Denver? Thanks Knobbylon
  2. knobbylon

    Hitch carrier for trailers

    I found my solution. Yesterday I found a used travel trailer, just like I wanted, that had a beefed up rear bumper and a receiver hitch installed for a boat trailer. The trailer itself has a setback axle so it has some pretty good toungue weight. It appears like I can stick a carrier on the reciever, use 6 ply tires and I'll be OK. The fall back to that is just get a small m/c trailer to pull behind. Thanks for your suggestions. knobbylon
  3. I have an 03 SWB Silverado 1500 and I'm looking at buying a 16' hybrid camp trailer that has a 3750 GVW. I would like to also use a rear mount carrier that has the provisions and capacity to hitch to the trailier. I have a KLX400 that is about 380lbs. I have a camper shell on the truck that I want to keep on so I can't put the bike in the bed. Has anybody seed a carrier that can accomodate both? I understand I might need airbags or stiffer rear springs to help. Any ideas?
  4. knobbylon

    Where do you keep important documents?

    I bought one of these number plate packs to keep that stuff in. It's pretty handy http://www.mooseracing.com/catalog.jsp?level1=1358&product_group_id=4428
  5. knobbylon

    Help me spend $1,000 on my DRZ400S

    You mentioned long tirips, I have a set of Wolfman tank panniers and really like em. http://www.wolfmanluggage.com/Tank/TankPanniers.html
  6. knobbylon

    Billet Rack

    Thanks Python, that's the kind of info I'm looking for. How much weight do you think is too much for one of those racks?
  7. knobbylon

    Billet Rack

    Has anybody used one of the billet racks from Four Strokes Only? I'm looking at the Off Road Model for my KLX 400.
  8. knobbylon

    KLR 650 soft panniers

    I just bought some soft panniers for my KLX400. They are a universal mount by Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage. They work and fit really well. http://www.wolfmanluggage.com/ Lon
  9. knobbylon

    KLX 400 Died

    Hey thanks John. Just checked the fuse and it was a 10 and blown. I stuck in a 15 and everything's working. Will get 25s to carry with me and in the spirit of proper troublshooting technique will check out other circuits to see if there is problem.
  10. knobbylon

    KLX 400 Died

    I wrote contactor (solenoid) not connector.
  11. knobbylon

    KLX 400 Died

    I have an 03 KLX 400 with a BD dual sport kit. Was riding today and it just gave up. Engine quit and lights went out. When I turn on the ignition switch no lights, horn, starter, nothing. The ignition switch checks OK with continuity. The only thing I have is power going from the battery hot lead to the contactor. Nothing else. Any ideas?
  12. knobbylon

    Klx 400 Seat

    I have an 03 KLX400 and would like to modify the seat to make it lower. Any suggestions?