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    sick vid

    Does anyone know what song that is and who sings it?
  2. A friend of mine and I both ride '05s. He has a 13.5/1 piston, mine is stock. He has a power now set up, and some aftermarket valve springs, otherwise bikes are very similar. Biggest difference I can see, and I am a 41 year old intermediate motocrosser at best is, his bike is a beast to start. Reminds me of kick starting a Harley. His bike has noticably more torque in low rpms. He can come off a turn in 4th gear, where I will rev out in 3rd before shifting to 4th. When we drag race, bikes are close. I tend to reve mine higher, but this may be just riding styles. When I do a top end, I plan to go with the higher compression. The seat of the pants increase in low RPM torque is Significant.
  3. Krink

    Camshaft in one tooth retarded?

    Thanks for the responses. It is the left intake valve. I have been checking about every 10 hours, and had to adjust it both times. I suppose once I get to the thinest shim, it's time to pull the head.
  4. Hey Folks, A friend of mine just bought a blinged out '05 450 with a Pro-Action motor on E Bay. We decided to do a routine valve clearance check before he rode it. The cam was installed one tooth retarded. Is this a speed secret, or just a careless error? I reinstalled it corectly, the bike runs awesome. One intake valve keeps tightening up every time we do a valve check, not sure what's going on there. Any thoughts on the cam? Thanks.
  5. Krink

    40 yr old's first double

    Thanks for all the responses. I have been out of town, and was glad to see all the support this morning. The bike is a '05 CRF 450. I love the bike, makes it very easy for an older rider (out of shape) to ride. I don't feel 40, whatever that's supposed to feel like. It's funny, I don't act any different, it just takes longer to get up in the morning. Now that I am getting more comfortable with small doulbes and tabletops, I feel I can ride any MX track and at least have fun. Landing in the flats will wear you out qucik. Anyway, this is a great forum, and I look forward to learning how to ride better. Now I need to start working on a Whip! (just kidding)
  6. I turned 40 in August and I bought a new bike. I had not had a bike since 1985, and that was a 1982 Husky WR 420. These new bikes have incredible power, brakes, and suspension. I cleared my first double ever this week. I don't think I ever would have attempted this jump on my old bike. I must admit, It was not a huge jump by today's standards, but it felt huge to me. I'm glad I made it to 40, and glad I got back into a great sport. Although my knees and back seem to hurt more than I remembered.......... http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c65/sawvell/fear20double2.jpg