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  1. I pulled the tap on the bottom of the tank and it was clean. I checked the fuel lines again and took the valve apart to check it -- all good. Before pulling the tap from the tank, I checked the fuel flow and it was flowing smoothly and strong enough to keep the float bowl full. If anyone out there has experienced similar, please let me know what you did to solve it. thanks, kook57
  2. Thanks, I'll check the fuel tank screen. all the jets were removed, cleaned and then blown out with compressed air. thanks for the advice. I'll keep you posted on my progress.
  3. thanks. I pulled the carb again, just to be sure. all looks good, cleaned everything again, blew out all the passages and jets, checked the float level, and checked the vent hoses. I won't get it back together until later this week. while it's apart, I'll go over the wiring. I'll keep you posted. thanks again.
  4. it will restart almost right away.
  5. my 250x has got me puzzled. It starts easily, idles easily, warms up with no problem, but after a 1/4 mile it starts to sputter like it's running out of gas. I've checked the tank, cap vent, fuel line, carb jets, the floatbowl is filling with gas, new plug, valves adjusted. what am I missing?