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  1. its for a dr250. i have a dr250S and they have different carbs so it doesn't work for me. it's a keyster dr250 carb. rebuild kit. i know it fits 90-94 it may fit other applications. i think i might put it on e-bay if anyone is interested. thanks.
  2. zapzach

    tire size question.

    all right, i bought a used 1990 dr250s with a dunlop 80/100x21 on the front (756 i think.) and a cheng shin 4.50x18 on the back. I'm thinking of putting Kenda K270's on it. (i want 50%dirt 50%street) the kenda's come in inches, so i know what back tire i should put on.. but what would the conversion be for the front tire? (80/100) is that like 3.00? 3.25? is the kenda K270 the tire i want for dual sport use? are the tires that came on the bike the stock tire sizes? what should i be running on this bike? sorry about all the questions, but any answer's would greatly be appreciated. thanks.
  3. zapzach

    parts and accesories for DR's

    where is a good place to find parts for my 1990 DR250S on the web? I've been getting most my stuff off e-bay. but i was wondering if there is a better place with better deals and a wider selection. thanks.
  4. zapzach

    parts and accesories for DR's

    www.bikebandit.com has some things, but the prices are a little steep. I've just been keeping my eye on e-bay items.
  5. zapzach

    CARB question.

    i just bought a carb rebuild kit for a DR250. the problem is I own a DR250S and it seems that these models have different carbs. is there any parts that i can still salvage from the rebuild kit? when i compare the parts in my manual it looks like the main jet, the needle and some other stuff are totally different. should i sell the kit? or is the some way i can still use parts and while we are on the subject, why are the carbs different on a DR as opposed to a DRS? P.S. if anyone has a regular DR250 i have a carb rebuild kit never used.
  6. zapzach

    fork boot replacement

    awesome! thanks alot guys i'm going to get on that this weekend.
  7. zapzach

    fork boot replacement

    i have a 1990 DR250s. is it hard to change the fork boots? i suppose i would need to remove the front wheel, then the front brake calipers and loosen the clamp on the brake hose. loosen the upper and lower fork bridge pinch bolts and twist the fork tubes out of the fork bridge. will that gain me access to the fork boots? is there anything else I'm forgeting or do i need to disassemble the whole fork? also should i replace the dust seals? or is that only necessary if they are ruined? thanks guys.
  8. zapzach

    fork boot replacement

    thanks! I'm just going to put some blue boots on. I'm also putting on some blue grips. i heard it's pretty tough to get off your original grips. thanks again.
  9. zapzach

    trouble kick starting my DR250s.

    I just bought a '90 DR250s and it takes alot of kicks to get started. also, once I get it going, it seems like it's somewhat restricted... like i should be getting more response from it, or something. I'm not sure. This is my first bike, and as far as I know it doesn't have any modifications on it, the guy i bought it from let it sit for a few months. that's really all i know. Is there any mods i can make to get a better response and easier start? I'm about to put new grips on it, and i heard that wasn't as easy as it seems. Is there anything i can do to make that any easier on myself? Plus, I bought some new fork boots. Is there anything i should be warned of before I replace the fork boots? thanks ALOT in advance for any help!
  10. zapzach

    trouble kick starting my DR250s.

    I also have a small oil leak, i can't really tell where it's coming from. and white smoke comes out from time to time. could all these problems be related, or do i have alot of work ahead of me?