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  1. kimoaj

    Should I buy a KXF250 ?

    I think a 250F will suit me perfect. Now I can ride the dirtbike all day long without having to think of the plug fouling all the time, guess I can use it to pick up the mail and go to walmart;). (only kidding, but it`s a fact that a 4 stroke is more user friendly even if it`s a race bike). And by the way we don`t have walmart here in Norway, walmart sounds better then "food store" hehe. Right now I`m sitting here & chilli`n with a glass of pepsi max after a hard days work with my father. We are digging down an internet fiber cable, 2500meters and I`m the one removing stones etc. and putting the cable down & then put sand ontop of it. So when I`m tired as hell I start thinking of the KXF and I know that the only way I can get it is to keep working. Sometimes my dad looks wierd at me when he sees how "hard" I work, I don`t think he`ll be happy when he finds out why.. "gees, even more money spent on bikes" and so on etc. . Pretty offtopic but anyway:).
  2. kimoaj

    Should I buy a KXF250 ?

    Ok I`ve just ordered new seals for the front forks for my KX, ofcourse I managed to blow both of the seals the other day when I tested my new jump. Stupid timing since I`m thinking of selling the bike these days, but new ones are in the mail so I guess I`ll stay in the workshop this weekend. Gees, fourstrokes is taking over the world. This winter I got a Yamaha RX-1 (sled) and now I`m getting a fourstroke dirtbike, wierd .
  3. kimoaj

    Should I buy a KXF250 ?

    Thanks for the replys guys !. Is is possible that I can save money owning a 250 2 stroke in the long term?. But I want a thumper so it basically doesn`t matter. We`ll see what the future brings, if I get a nice salary by the end of this month and I get some buyers on the KX, who knows!
  4. kimoaj

    Should I buy a KXF250 ?

    Thanks for the replys guys ! . Was nice to read those other threads. I am not a rich guy so I if I buy a KXF I hope it wount ruin me. However, I think the riding style affects the engine lifetime and I`m buying this bike so that I can ride slow when I want, not having to think of the plug fouling on my KX125. It`s really annoying when jumping, like, I have to ride it hard between the jumps so that I know that it will rew high imediately when I hit the throttle without the typical 2stroke hesitation, like the whole powetband must be reachable when jumping so that you get the best control. Another thought I`ve been thinking is that this is a damn hugh forum, connection ALOT of people. If you compare the amount of people out there riding KXF`s and the amount of people posting threads here telling about their problems, it`s like a needle in a hay stack. Or, am I wrong?. Like, no one bothers to post threads in a forum just to tell that their bike works but those who have problems do. How much will a top end rebuld cost me?. Gaskets, piston & valves?. Thanks for the replys so far
  5. kimoaj

    Should I buy a KXF250 ?

    Hi guys!. This is my first post in this forum and first of all I`d like to tell you that I`m a 19 years old boy from the north of Norway, in the county of Nordland. I`ve had a 1993 KX 125 since the age of 14 but now I want something new. I`ve split the cases three times on the KX due to some transmission problems, it locked up in 2nd gear. However, the bike has worked perfect since I got the tranny properly repaired, turned out that the last owner had forgotten to put back a washer that sits behind the circlip holding the main-gear-axel in place so that when I shifted to 2nd gear the knobs on the sprockets slipped out of their holes and the whole thing locked up. Enough about my 125. I mostly ride in the woods and I really like to jump jumps. I don`t think a 125 is the most suitable bike for these purposes, or am I picky?. It`s kind of annoying having to hit the throttle wide open all the time just to avoid plug fouling. Don`t misunderstand, I sometimes ride hard, you must not think that I am a ***** I`m wondering if a KXF250 could be the bike for me?. But, I `m a little concerned. I`ve always thought of 4 strokes as the most reliable machines and that you could wait longer between the rebuilds. It`s not possibly that a KX250 2t would require less maintainance?. I consider myself as a pretty good mechanic so I`m not that worried about the wrenching, but I don`t like to buy things that needs alot of wrenching. What do you guys think?. To create some more interest around this thread, here`s a pic of me jumpin my KX down on the beach. Jump is hand made by shovel hehe. I hope you wount kill me for posting pics of a 2 stroke:). Cya! Joakim