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  1. Hello Bryan, Thanks for volunteering your advice here. Not sure if you can help but... I just bought a '96 MuZ Skoripon Sport with 5k miles. As I'm sure you know, it has a Yamaha 660 five valve single with two carbs, one full range and one for wide throttle openings only. It was modified by it's previous owner with an unbaffled (loud) exhaust that probably creates very little back pressure and a jet kit. The exhaust outlet is black and sooty, the bike only gets 32mpg in normal street riding. Throttle response is good but it's a bit down on power. I'm scheduled for a first track day in a couple weeks and I wanted to improve it before then. I was going to rent some dyno/exhaust analysis time at the local speed shop to see if I could lean it out somewhat. Any thoughts or suggestions from your experience? Thanks again.
  2. Am I missing something or is there no thread in which to discuss Yamaha SRX concerns?