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  1. Thumper_yzf

    Wanted: WR/YZ250f head

    Some one must know of one, that is up for sale at the moment
  2. Thumper_yzf


    Hi, Is there any one out there on TT that can help me out.......? Can any one give me a few websites, emails of good wreckers in the USA that would be either wrecking a WR/YZ250f or would have a head for a 01-04 YZ250F on the shelf, I don't know what to do I'm getting very dispirit and I want to ride and I need a another head for my ride as the one that was on it is stuffed. P.S I'm from Australia
  3. Thumper_yzf

    Wanted: WR/YZ250f head

    Anyone eles?
  4. Thumper_yzf

    Wanted: WR/YZ250f head

    Hey Lance...... I have PM'd you
  5. Thumper_yzf

    Wanted: WR/YZ250f head

    Hi, I’ am after a head for my yz250f as mine broke three valves and really messed up the head........ If you have one that you would like to sell pleas let me know Thanks
  6. Hi, I was just wondering if a 2004 yz250f complete Engine would fit into the frame of my 2002 yz250f will it all fit right, if so would I need to do any work to make it all go? Thanks Sean