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  1. creek freak

    Yzf Keeps Fouling Plugs

    I once had a bad ground at the coil mounting bolt by my right knee area. Caused it to run really erratic. Cleaned up the ground and it ran good. It's not coated with anything and rusts up pretty good. Just a suggestion though. Maybe try another plug.
  2. creek freak

    Yzf Keeps Fouling Plugs

    Do you let the bike sit long between rides? Seems like fuel is the issue with mine. Seems to last about 3 weeks max. I put in fresh fuel and a fresh plug and it runs like a top. Hmmm... Maybe I should just ride the bloody thing a little more
  3. creek freak

    Yzf Keeps Fouling Plugs

    Yes, you were correct on the warming up, and yes sometimes my statements come on too strong. I'll work on that.
  4. creek freak

    YZ426 gearing

    I have the same gears and you sum it up well. 3rd and 4th wheelies are a hoot with this gearing. Good gearing for the open woods, even without any extra flywheel weight.
  5. creek freak

    Yzf Keeps Fouling Plugs

    Oh come on buddy! I thought this was a lighthearted conversation. The "bonkhead" was a joke. You're taking this way to personal. If you want to argue with me, you'll lose. I'm not here to argue with you, I respect your opinion. And yes, I am a certified Automotive technition and work with a major automotive manufacturer, I have various small engine courses, have taught Briggs and Stratton courses, have factory training for the same, have worked in the small engine trade for 5 years, and the automotive industry for 10 years. I could have mentioned this in a previous post, but it sounds a little arrogant. But, you're the one who brought it up. If you wish to continue this stupid conversation you're going to ruin this thread. P.M. me if you wish to continue, and make yourself look very foolish. And yes, I could have worded my previous posts much better I admit. I said that in my last post.
  6. creek freak

    Yzf Keeps Fouling Plugs

    No, no. Your taking my statement wrong . Yes, 2 strokes require "pumping", but there is a difference between getting on a bike with a cold engine and putting the engine under load, or playing with the throttle during warm up. And yes, my bike is a four stroke and I have the luxury of letting it idle while I gear up. When I refered to "never running and engine cold" I should have worded it "never putting a cold engine under load". Just common sence.
  7. creek freak

    Yzf Keeps Fouling Plugs

    Running ANY engine cold is probably the stupidest thing you can do. I THOUGHT that would have went without saying. As a certified mechanic I've seen numerous cold start failures. I always start my bike and let it run while I gear up. Also never stress a cold chain. Let it warm up on a small ride before you load it up. It's suprising how warm a chain and sprockets get. You'll get way less stretch if you warm it up. BTW I'm curious what you mean by never warm up a 4 stroke like a 2 stroke. I've seen a lot more 2 strokes cold seize due to throttle input, also more cracked piston skirts.
  8. creek freak

    Yzf Keeps Fouling Plugs

    Keeps happening to mine too. Seems premium fuel will only keep for about three weeks in the tank before the fuel gets stale. Seems to be a normal condition as I asked the dealer about it. Guess the high compression is just picky that way. NEVER leave the carb dry in storage. Good way to ruin the needle and seat. Over the winter I put in fuel stabilizer so the carb does'nt gunk up. I've never seen a 4 stroke foul a plug due to running it hard cold like a 2 stroke. If you're having the same problems as me you wont even get it started before the plug is fouled. BTW, mine is sitting in storage right now with a fouled plug from last time I tried to start it to load it in the truck ( it had sat for over a month ). I always keep a spare plug handy along with the factory plug socket that makes the swap much easier.
  9. creek freak

    Looking At A Wr 426 What To Look 4

    Static compression and a wet test would tell you alot on these bikes. You just can't do it properly on an engine that you need to decompress to get it to kick over. Leakdown would probably be the way to go.
  10. creek freak

    What's A 02 426 Yz Worth

    4,800,000 Iraqi dinars.