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  1. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    Coos bay/ florence help please!

    haha Don't worry about it.. All taken care of. They will have a great time, and next time I will get to.. Mean while.. I have been told it wouldnt be good for me to hit the trails by myself.. Something about.. "you could get hurt and no one will stop and help you"
  2. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    Coos bay/ florence help please!

    So, my husband is having a bachelors party for his brother and they have decided to go down to Oregon for 3 days. Being that husband is a male.. he didn't think about reserving a spot. Can any one tell me if you need any permits to camp in the sand with a toy hauler? Do you have to reserve a spot there? DO you know of any other camping locations that not everyone else knows about? How to I get in contact with them?? Any and all help that you can provide would be awesome!!! Thanks in advanced!
  3. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    Capitol Forrest

    Haha you aren't kidding! Last year, after we only had our bikes for two months.. we decided to check it out.. I fractured my ankle, and went over.. It was a great experience! I'm hoping to back this summer..
  4. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    stolen at waddell creek

    We normally load everything up the night before, so we lock our two bikes together, with the ramp and gas can.. Then once we unload in the morning, (yesterday it was Wedell) we put the straps and tool box in the cab, and lock the gas can and ramp to the front ring.. has worked so far.. Yesterday, when we came back for lunch, we saw some very strange people drive into the parking area.. slowly drive around... Noticed us watching them (made eye contact) Then left... ? Very strange..
  5. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    Looking for riding partners - Burnt Ridge

    Its in Sequim... Out on the Olympic peninsula.. We may be in town on the 2nd looking to ride.. If we do.. i'll PM you
  6. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    My first real trail ride

    where are in sequim is that? I haven't seen it, But I want to! I might be out there next weekend.. If its not pouring! Thanks
  7. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    capital forest heads-up!

    I think some of those must have been fairly recent, because we did that loop two weeks ago, and only recall seeing two trees down?? We plan on having our quad brother bring a saw for next weekend.. Thanks for the advisory!!!!
  8. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    Capitol Forest

    Hey we were camping at capitol this same weekend, and I remember seeing this truck! that's funny! http://www.tripleateam.com/dirt/v/Events/2006/capitolforestmay06/Capitol+Forest+May+06+_4_.jpg.html Pretty dusty huh! I was suprised. The weekend before it was perfect!
  9. Alaskan_h230_gurl


    I had a great weekend ride. We camped at one of the ORV parks, so we were able to ride Friday, Saturday, but got rained out Sunday I had such a great time! We only did about 100 miles total last weekend, but man it was great! Hope you all had a great weekend as well!
  10. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    Noob question about standing

    That's exactly it. I thought the Off road section was for the woods type rider, and not MX. I see many guys in the woods standing. Normally there are no whoops right after, but there can be some obstacles within it. Normally roots, or big rocks. I tried it out this weekend, and I did succeed a few times.. I time I almost ate it pretty good. Its not so much that I feel I need to stand during the turn, It just feels weird to me to be standing and then to sit briefly through the turn, then stand up again.. I don't know.. Theres alot of great advice here. Thanks to all!
  11. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    Noob question about standing

    So I just recently started to stand most of the time when riding..I just figured out recently how to steer with your legs and how to properly stand, and all that is involved in that sense. My question is.. when you are riding and going pretty fast and you turn a corner using a burm.. How do you stand through it? Or do you? I always sit because I am afraid of leaning to far over and falling in.. ??? Sorry if this is such a retarded question.. I am just not sure what to do.. Thanks for any advice!
  12. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    super cross at Quest field

    they voted qwest field down every time.. I was under the impression it was twice, and they built it anyways. Thanks Greg Nickels!
  13. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    new women riding gear line

    I just recently switched to over the boot pants.. I only ride trails of course, and there is a lot of brush in Washington I haven't had any trouble.. The only complaint is they get so muddy, and mine don't zip off into shorts, so when I take off my boots.. My toes get very dirty.. Oh well! I think they are more comfortable to me.. and now I can fit some knee guards "in" my boots with no hassle. The pockets are nice! I like to keep the map in there.. That way it is easy to get at... I haven't been brave enough to put anything else.. I read the story of the chap stick before I got them, and I crash on my side alot more often than I should! Any ways.. thats my 02.
  14. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    new women riding gear line

    I dont mean to go off subject here, but I couldn't resist! Last weekend was the funniest! I was in full gear (helmet and all) and was just about ready to take off on my bike when this guy came up behind me and asked me to help him unload his bike, I turned around and said in a chirpy voice, "sure!"... lol.. his eyes got huge, and suddenly he changed his mind to me just holding the brake! I about died.. It was too funny.. Okay.. end of story! Ps.. that kind of stuff happens alot and I just think it is funny.
  15. Alaskan_h230_gurl

    230F not low enough yet? More mods?

    That's crazy.. What part? I am from Port Angeles. But I've lived in Joyce, and sequim. Once she gets comfortable she wont even be sitting.. Riding standing up is more of a new thing for me.. I always did a little, but we took a trip to Moses Lake and ever since then my standing is more powerful.. I only sit when needed, and some trails are pretty tight so its what i do... But the more she stand, the less monkey butt she'll have! The 230's seat sucks!