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    Woodworking, tool making, Trail riding. Ancient world history- Origins of man.
  1. Werewolfboots

    Sell CRF 100 or part out?

    I would be happy with $1400. I still have ALL the CR85 parts for a complete conversion bike minus the DMC frame. I'll prolly eBay that stuff. I have new rims, plastics/seat, swingarm, and a CRF100 motor...all new. That stuff should go easily.
  2. Werewolfboots

    Sell CRF 100 or part out?

    I built a 04 CRF 100 with the usual upgrades...BBR stuff, SS foot pegs, stator, headlight, custom wiring harness, taillight, etc. My son has outgrown the 100 and I want to sell the bike to finance a four wheeler project. Should I sell the complete bike or part it out? It's in my TT Garage how much do you think would be a decent asking price?
  3. Werewolfboots

    anybody have atc's

    Check out my TT garage, for my 1985 Honda ATC 250R.
  4. Werewolfboots


  5. Werewolfboots

    Hatfield-McCoy Rockhouse July 3-8

    I'm going to be coming down to Man WV next week to ride Rockhouse (Browning Fork Trail). I'll be riding solo again this year on my '85 ATC 250R. If anyone is going to be in the area and wants to hook-up, let me know.
  6. Werewolfboots

    So whats good near Baltimore??

    I went to Hatfield-McCoy last year. There wasn't anything in MD that I rode that compared to the mountain trails. I'd wait until everyone is well experienced before committing to the H-M Trail system. I want to check out Breezewood sometime this summer. I'm in Middle River. PM me for local dirt.
  7. Werewolfboots

    Bikes stole in maryland...

    I had a brand-new never ridden 1985 Honda ATC 350X stolen. I had it locked up with one of those 1" thick security cables. A cable is only as strong as it's individual strands. They might not cut through it all at once, but in a few minutes it's all over. I have four 7/16" hardened steel chains & 1/2" Masterlocks on my 250R, seat/fenders and a rear tire removed also. It's a pain to deal with for me, but I'm not going to make it easy for a thief.
  8. Werewolfboots

    K&N VS UNI

    I've used K&N filters for the past 20 years. I have one in my 250R with an Outerwears pre-filter (for extra protection w/ a drilled airbox). No troubles. I'm running a UNI foam filter on my boys CRF 100. Whichever you go with, they both need proper maintenance.
  9. Werewolfboots

    Ethanol blended fuel?

    Thanks for the info, I know the car (supercharged Riviera) dosen't like it either.
  10. Werewolfboots

    Ethanol blended fuel?

    Here in Maryland they have switched over to Ethanol (Alcohol) blended gasoline. I saw a sticker on the pump asking is your boat OK running Ethanol blended fuel? How do two strokes run on the stuff? Do I need to change jetting?
  11. Werewolfboots

    who lives in Maryland?¿?

  12. Werewolfboots

    Stator question...

    In the next couple days I'm going to do some electrical mods- 90W Stator, Headlight, Switches, Voltage regulator, & Harness. I have a Factory Shop Manual, flywheel puller, and a holding/removal tool thingy. Anything else that I'm gonna need while inside the cases? Thanks.
  13. Werewolfboots

    CRF 100 Jetting

    The Honda Service Manual states the stock specs, as #35 slow jet and #98 main jet. They also list a #92 main jet for high altitude. (3000-8000 ft.)
  14. Werewolfboots

    Price on XR100?

    I'd pass on the $1600 bike. I bought my boy a used 2004 Honda CRF 100F in June '04 for $1499.00 and it was in perfect shape.
  15. Werewolfboots

    CR85/CRF conversion shift lever..?

    Those of you that have the DMC conversion frame with the CRF100 motor, are you running the stock 100 shift lever? I don't have my frame yet, but I need to order a shift lever for my new motor. I never really heard anything either way. Thanks.