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  1. great thread, I have been looking for info on these older 576cc motors. what kind of rear wheel horsepower are these motors making with the 100mm pistons? I have a 2000 sm610r with the uptite cam, ferraci/wiseco high compression piston (stock bore), and a little bit of an intake/exhaust port. Runs pretty strong. as far as the ticking with a new piston, I messed up once and put a big head on a motor with stock valve pockets on the pistons (fzr1000 '87) and it ticked, bent all the valves too.
  2. Where can I get one? The last one I got was from partsforscooters.com . They don't seem to carry it anymore according to their website. I need to find one for my buddy so he can stuff a 125/22mm in his crf50. carb hits the bottom of the tank.