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  1. meismorph

    tt600r help needed

    ive now tested all components on friends bike and everything works fine. i reversed the orange(live) and the black(negative) to the coil and got a right shock from the plug ,also had a good spark but it wouldnt run. the spark seems to be travelling down the negative side of the plug and jumping back to the electrode. so when the plugs in it will be arcing across to the head. when i connect the wires the correct way i get nothing. its as if the frame is live and when i send the power to the coil this is causing a short of two lives. but i dont know how its happening could it be that one or more of the components is not earthed right thanks for everyones help
  2. meismorph

    tt600r help needed

    thanks again eveyone for your time right ive changed the rotor/flywheel still nothing. ive not yet swapped the recgulator/rectifier, first i am going to recheck all the grounds and make sure the engine is earthed ok to frame. i have checked this before but i think the fault cold be something like this. i think all my components are ok. is there any test for reg/rect than will tell me this is ok. i suppose i may have to take out the engine,clean up all connection points on frame /bolts ect and start from scratch. i will try wd40 on pickup coil also. the year of my bike is 1999 tt600r (kickstart only model) belgrada. thanks again
  3. meismorph

    tt600r help needed

    checked cdi on another bike it ran fine, also checked resistanc of pulse coil and generator. exact same readings as i get from mine, now iam really stuck
  4. meismorph

    tt600r help needed

    right now ive checked the wiring loom, i used some higher rated cables and made a new loom up. discarded eveything that was not on the ignition system,soldered all conections directly to the pins on cdi/coil generator/ect: still no spark ! so now ive put all loom back on. today iam going to try my cdi unit on a guys bike ,so i will post the outcome of this test later. if this turns out ok it must be something at the generator/rotor side of things but i have not checked reg/rectifier but i seem to be getting the dc voltas coming out of it cheers again for all the help
  5. meismorph

    tt600r help needed

    thanks for that ive just checked the coil on my brothers xt 600 it works fine, now iam suspecting the cdi. or maybe it could be the pulse coil not telling the cdi when to release the charge. when i check the voltage from the cdi to the coil (the cable between these) i get a reading of -19v. but if you hold this wire you dont get an electric shock from it. i did the same test with my brothers xt. it only read about 4-5 volts but gave out quite a tingle. so iam thinking the readings iam getting are whats stored in the cdi,s capacitor and for some reason is not being discharged. i dont have a battery so these readings are when i kick the bike over. maybe ive killed the cdi unit , but i dont know how. also ive checked resistance on the old generator and the new one , (and pulse coil) and they are identical.could the rotor have anything to do with the problem. thanks very much to all replys meismorph.
  6. meismorph

    ttr600 problem

    does anyone know if the rotor/flywheel can just go on a ttr600, and if so what would the symptoms of this be. generator is producing voltage but it seems to be a negitive live going to ignition coil thanks gav
  7. meismorph

    tt600r help needed

    thanks for that, plug is a new one there is power getting to the coil but it stops when it gets to it. as if the polarity is the wrong way round, but ive tested coil and its fine ,also tried it on my brothers bike and it works ok (xt600). iam also getting a healthy voltage from the generator coils gav
  8. meismorph

    tt600r help needed

    full tank of fuel and i havnt done anything recently to the bike other than fitted a new clutch
  9. meismorph

    tt600r help needed

    can anyone help, i have a 99 ttr600 (supermoto) was riding along the other week and the engine just died on me. got it home every thing works (lights ect:) but no spark. checked coil thats ok. changed generator,changed cdi,tried a different regulator/rectifier, but still no spark i just dont know what else could be causing it cheers meismorph