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  1. spillicious

    CA red sticker question

    Hey in Ca the red sticker is 03 and new right now...will a 03 yz250f ever be a green sticker?
  2. spillicious

    Blown clutch, missing spring

    he said he had a shop do it and i asked them and they didnt remember...
  3. spillicious

    Engine Help

    So i've searched the listings and cant find anything of too much help. My bike is leaking oil and I know its not just oil over flow and cant pinpoint where its comin from. the top end was recently replaced as well as the clutch due to the clutch basket rupturing. knowing this i was wondering what are the seals i should be looking at and replacing. Thanks. ps. for those rebuilding a clutch like me, thumpertalks store definately has the lowest prices around. for both oem and aftermarket be sure to check them out at least.
  4. aight bear with me for a sec here. so i purchased a used 03 yz250f with a clutch rebuild needed. the guy had just completely rebuilt the top end due to the clutch bustin. so i opened up the clutch and discovered that the clutch basket blew a spring, ive torn out the clutch and cant find this missing spring, do you think im safe in just rebuilding the clutch and not tearing apart the rest of the bike looking for this spring that may have already been pulled out when the engine was rebuilt? Thanks for any feedback.
  5. spillicious

    Good Deal on a yz250f?

    Hey guys i was wondering if you felt this was a good deal. 03 yz250f that looks good but needs a new clutch basket as well as another gasket cause apparently the engine has a little leak. but the good news is the top end was just freshly rebuilt by a reputable shop and runs really strong. the rest of the bike looks good with black excel rims. Talked the guy down to $1700. Take in the fact that I live in Nor Cal if you feel that effects the price. Thanks and please let me know asap...supposed to pick it up on the 5th!! = )
  6. spillicious

    Warning to Riders

    heres the picture of my bike, again it was stolen in Santa Barbara, CA if anyone sees something similar in the area let me know. thanks guys, good riding http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/spillicious/detail?.dir=d1f1&.dnm=1e5ascd.jpg&.src=ph
  7. spillicious

    Warning to Riders

    Here's a picture of my baby...its a 2000 yzf426 i haven't seen too many out there with this decal set...so if you're in the california area especially near santa barbara or pismo please let me know...or just give the person an ass kickin
  8. spillicious

    Warning to Riders

    Dude i definately agree with you, even though i just moved to the area last month, it does seem like theres a bunch of tweakers around...i hate shady people!! but seriously...whoever stole my dirtbike i gurantee probably hasnt ridden a 400 before and is probably just gonna abuse it if they can even get it started i hate jerks...even if they make the world more interesting...stealing shit is retarded.
  9. spillicious

    Warning to Riders

    Damn thanks for all the replies guys, so i hope someone has gotten something from this so its not a complete screwing. If maybe someone knows of some good cheap insurance that covers theft on off-road bikes that would be sick if they could post that info if anyone knows of some or would like some info they could get it, i never knew that it was available...i'm...an idiot
  10. spillicious

    Warning to Riders

    Warning to my fellow riders...Coming back from the weekend I hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day. I on the other hand...did not. I just moved to San Luis Obispo and have been super stoked cause i live about 10 minutes from the dunes. Its been absolutely amazing, i love it out here being able to ride at least 2 times a week. But to get to the point i went to Santa Barbara to visit a friend where someone STOLE my dirtbike from the back of my Durango and of course its not covered by any insurance...renter's, home owner's, car insurance or anything. So I'm now out 3k and worst of all...no bike. So..my warning is lock your bike up really well no matter where you are...there are ******** everywhere. And...if theres any wealthy kind individuals out there...i accept cash donations or even a bike donation TAKE CARE AND RIDE SAFE....and lock that bike up!! -Kirk
  11. spillicious

    Too much fuel leaking?

    Hey guys...have a blonde question here...so stick with me on this one please. Fuel overflow hose...how much should really be coming out of this? I currently have a pretty steady flow and makes a puddle real quick. Why is this going on? How can i fix it, should i be worried about it...etc. Thanks a lot.
  12. spillicious

    CR M/C swap?

    what model of the cr m/c is a simple swap of the 2000 yz426? is there one? do you have to swap brake lines + screws with the set up, possibly even the caliper? and how much of a difference does it really make. dont wanna waste 30$ on a rebuild kit if i can get a nice upgrade with a cr m/c off ebay for $30-40.
  13. spillicious

    Wheel still spinning in neutral

    haha thank god...thats a relief because my brothers yz426 doesnt spin while on a stand and its in a little bit better shape than mine (same year tho) thanks guys
  14. First just wanted to thank everyone for all the support on my brake problem. Anyways...was wondering if the fact that my wheel still spins while in neutral is a sign of a major problem down the road and if anyone else has had this problem and or knows why it happens.
  15. spillicious

    dribbly brakes

    awesome thanks a lot. gonna go try that out today as soon as i get an extra hand. thanks again