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  1. PNA

    Ballinger Canyon

    I've been there after a light overnight rain. The clay was so bad our wheels clogged up on the main trail. We had to head back to the truck after only 15 minutes. No way I'd go out there until it dries up.
  2. PNA

    Creek of clearish

    Post more pics of Clearish. That place rocks
  3. Ride WFO and scare all the bums out of there.
  4. PNA

    Hungry Valley opinions

    I'd be glad to, but I ripped that image off my old computer. Sorry.
  5. PNA

    Hungry Valley opinions

    The valley itself is OK, if you just gotta ride, but much more fun when the forest service opens the single track in the spring. Until then you're better off in the desert if you're gonna drive that far to ride.
  6. PNA

    Ballinger Canyon

    So Mud Canyon is still pretty jacked up? We almost went downhill on it back in November but decided no to with all the ruts out there.
  7. PNA

    99 wr400 carb upgrade

    What can I expect to pay for a new Edelbrock? I'm in California, and I'm looking at (2) used 400's for sale in my area.
  8. PNA

    Worn Slide Plate

    My '05 is getting a few miles on it. The slide plate in the carb is showing plenty of wear. I'd like to replace it, but these things are *not* cheap. Best price so far is from JD Jetting @ $65 each. And those o-rings are up there as well. Any suggestions?
  9. PNA

    Oil cooler adaptor

    Nice thread. I'm late for that one. Still got your stock tank?
  10. PNA

    Oil cooler adaptor

    Is the seller is "Tuningcooler"? I'd like to try them, but I run Flatland Racing guards on my stockers. I'm guessing these won't fit since they look oversize.
  11. PNA

    Carb O Rings

    I checked that on-line. You're right, they do show those rings w/part #. Thanks, guys.
  12. PNA

    Carb O Rings

    I called JD Jetting since they're here on the West Coast. They stock these and have some on the way.
  13. PNA

    Carb O Rings

    That's a Huge help. Thanks very much!
  14. PNA

    Carb O Rings

    My '05 WR450 has a fuel leak. The brass 90 degree fitting for the gas line to the tank has o-rings sleeved into the carb body, and they've failed. This has happened once before and the local Yamaha dealer could only supply generic rings they had in stock. When they've looked at the parts computer, the diagram doesn't show this spigot separated from the carb body. Anybody else have this problem? Might have to call Yamaha's tech center and do some hollering tomorrow.
  15. PNA

    Dr 650 swap meet

    I still have the adapter plate available for the GSXR muffler conversion.