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  1. I know there are a lot of posts regarding the water seal so I looked at every post possible and may have missed this info. I am unfamiliar with how the spring side should look on the water seal. I was riding bush trails and lost every ounce of coolant within 3 minutes. It was fortunate that I had just stopped to talk to my son and he noticed the spewing coolant escaping from the weep hole. I have two questions: 1. The water seal in my bike was installed so the flat side was facing me (facing the impeller). The side of the seal facing into the engine had a round groove cut into it. What does the spring side look like? Is the spring on the seal or is it a separate piece? 2. This may be a simplistic question but I may not have noticed the coolant escaping and I'm wondering how close to a major disaster I came. Will the engine start to seize and if I just it down would it have been damaged?