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  1. I sure hope it not march, even thou its efi, i dont think people would wait that long.
  2. My bike is leaking coolant out of the very small lower drain by the water pump. Is this a sign that the internal water pump shaft seal is going bad or is it something else?
  3. i was 5'3'' and im now 5'10''.
  4. sorry jeff, ill be at hangtime this weekend but ill see if i can go later. thanks
  5. they are racing all weekend including friday night. see you there!
  6. My friends Jeff Thomas and Dave Watson are over in France for Team USA do that stuff.....
  7. They said the DR. D.
  8. Long Live The 4 Speed!
  9. That so mean.
  10. Thumper 20W-50 Semi- Senthetic
  11. Enjoy those graphics they dont last long.