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    kewl graphic kits

    i would also go with custom. We get ours done by www.180Decals.com . I think his list price is $65 so that only a little bit more than regular graphics and they are one of a kind. check them out: http://fastforwardmx.com/gallery/albums/host-pics/BOTH06YZF.sized.jpg

    06 YZ250F v YZ450F

    ya just read my post, and im sure you can make your mind up...

    05' parts on 06'

    I know that the oil filter will, not too sure about the clutch though

    Aluminum Framed KTMs?

    Well I have tested the DB level on the new CRF. It is very very slightly quieter, and that is not the reason Honda said the went to 2 pipes, it was to balance the weight to improve handling, which almost no one can notice. whatever you say man, you know you wish you had 2 new 06s

    Aluminum Framed KTMs?

    everyone bitching about getting to a carb on a AL perimeter frame makes no sense. It may be a little bit harder, but have u tried doing a top end on bikes like these? there is way more room than on any of the conventional style frames. the valve cover, head and cylinder all come off easily between the spars of the frame. I have owned steel perimeter and conventional frames bikes as well as AL perimeter bikes and the new yami YZFs. I can tell you that aluminum framed bikes are much better than steel framed machines and AL frames are NOT just for marketing. If you want to complain about somethign that is just marketing, talk about the twin piped CRF, not the frame. The aluminum framed bikes corner much better. The alloy frames stay looking new and are easier to maintain as well. The frames are much more rigid than steel and do not flex in the corners. Aluminum is more expensive for production, steel frames will deterirate over time and crack before an AL frame will. Gas tank capacity? what the hell are you talking about?? that has nothign at all to do with the material a company uses for the frame. as for weight, this is probably the most controversial issue with AL frames. AL frames do weigh a bit less, but its the fact that it allows manufacturers to reposition the engine for better centralization of mass, which in turn makes the bike feel lighter nad handle better. Aluminum frames are the next generation of off road motorcycles. Now everyone here should stop being so bitter about it just becuase KTM is the last one left using chromoly frames. It is only a matter of time...

    Transition from 04 125SX to 06 YZ250f

    I hated my 06 suspension when I first got the bike. Just ride it a bit more, its amazing how much it softens up after the suspension breaks in. Once its broken in, just fool around with the clickers and im sure you will be fine.

    A hole in my exhaust pipe?

    nope all of them have it

    whats your #?!

    ^ awesome kyle, best reason for a number choice ever...

    Decibel levels

    i would say about 99db

    Thunder Alley Exhaust

    biggest peices of crap i have ever seen. They are incredibly loud, they fall apart in a matter of rides, and they rust when there is even a bit of moisture on them. They may give you power but it will only be for a month until all the rivets blow out and the thing falls apart. dont get them they are horrible. One tested up here at around 104db so good luck with that...

    PRE-PRINTED backgrounds

    www.180Decals.com pure custom. they will do anything you want on your backgrounds, not just let you choose a pinstripe color. They are very good quality and the easiest to install. Good Price too. http://fastforwardmx.com/gallery/albums/host-pics/PICT2682.jpg


    bodywork is all the same between 03 and 05. They will fit.

    how is the 06 yz250f motor

    feels faster stock than my CRF250 with DrD exhaust and motorwork

    How important is ring gap placement on a piston?

    The ring placement is important, but not because of cylinder wear, its to keep the oil from getting into the combustion chamber. We made a mistake on my TTR when putting the 150cc kit on. The first time we ran it, the bike smoked more than a 2 stroke. We disassembled it to find the gaps were all aligned. Just do what the manual says and you should be fine

    06 YZ250F Owners...

    I went from riding hondas to the new yamahas. The first ride I didnt really care for the new yamahas, because I was not used to them. The more I rode it though, the more i fell in love with the bikes. Now that im used to the bikes, I believe that the yamahas handle just as well as the hondas, and have a much much better motor. Throw in the reliability factor, and its no question that I made the right choice to go blue.