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    Exhaust upgrade for 1996 Dr 650

    I'm currently in the process of upgrading my exhaust system. I recently purchased K&N, DynoJet kit, and am looking for a quality exhaust system to go with these Mods. I checked out the FMF Q pipe, but there for 97 and newer. I did find the Two Brothers C-7 VALE system, s tube and muffler for $400. I was wondering if any one has purchased this exhaust, or knows of a better set up for the money. I have a stock 96 DR. Thanks
  2. Styleyi

    TT and dual sport newbie

    Hi ya'll, I just purchased a stock 1996 650 DR...Stoked..Lucky for me I found this great site, and the information I've seen so far has really opened my eyes. I found my DR in Salinas Ca., $3500, and only 2000 miles..Crazy..it appears the previous owner didn't take this bike offroad much, because the original tires are in great shape, as is the rest of the bike. The bike Idles alright and runs good, but it doesn't purr like a well tuned machine. After reading many threads, it seems like a good idea to let the engine breath and jet the carb. I just ordered the K&N air filter and Dyna Jet kit. I'm fairly handy, and was wondering how difficult these Mods are. Will I need special tools? Is it hard to get the Carb out? etc. This is my first dual sport and a newbie to this whole 4 stroke modification thing. Any info would be helpful, thanks, and ride on...