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  1. Clacker

    '08 RMz250 vs. '08 YZ250F

    Thanks for all your responses. Hopefully I will be able to pay off the bike by March or April. I'm 99% sure I will be going blue.
  2. Clacker

    CRF450 Woops

    I found 105-108mm of sag works best with this bike. If the bike is swapping back and forth try speeding up the rebound 1 to 2 clicks. Otherwise call George just like rider47 said. He is pretty Knowledgeable.
  3. I have been doing a lot of research between the RM and YZ for the past couple days on the Internet and on Thumpertalk. I am trying to read what the magazines say with a grain of salt. I had a chance to ride a RMz250 a couple of weeks ago and like the bike a lot. I have not been able to ride a 2008 YZ yet and would like to hear from some of you that have and tell me what you think about them. I had a 2004 YZ250f and loved that bike and now I am riding 2006 CRF450 which can be a handful to ride. Yamaha has a better finance program than Suzuki and I am not sure if it I want to base my decision on this. If I believe the 2008 YZ250f is an excellent machine to ride, I will buy another one. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.