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  1. bigfella1963

    2013 map development!

    Connector plugs are different on the 13...
  2. Stock are the best DelWest made in the USA too!
  3. bigfella1963

    What a steaming pile of shit this Honda PGM-FI Tool is.

    The software disc covers both 9/10 conectors are correct. You choose the year from a drop down list.
  4. bigfella1963

    What a steaming pile of shit this Honda PGM-FI Tool is.

    Another couple of hours and still no joy... Put calld into Honda techs but no returned call....did have someone offer me another honda tuner the bought but couldnt make work to try....thats three that honda made money on but do not work.....who else is out there thinking it was them and not game to admit it that they cant use it like it is ment to
  5. bigfella1963

    2013 crf 450 head

    Got to say everything Ron has sent me over the years has been outstanding , great workman ship and performance. Now he is back working at RHC he needs a marketing manager! and PR guy to make sure he gets the credit he is due. If he was on the west coast he would be a household name for sure!
  6. bigfella1963

    Vortex ECU

    Good item for most bikes sold and used a bunch of them over the past 10 years. Good product and easy to use.
  7. bigfella1963

    250 port and cam desighn

    With our pump fuel rule here we where and still are stuck at 40-42 mark, I have run our motors with U4.4 just to see what we are missing out on and they jump into the low 44;s with out any ing timing changes. the stock bike ran 34.85 hp on our dyno, it seems to have topped out at +7 over stock. up to 2010 the we never saw better from the world or us team bikes. One thing to watch out for is the crank drag we built 6 new motors with same piston, comp, ing,cams, and basic head work and they ranged from 38.5 to 41.2 on the dyno and the bikes in the thirtys were religated to Practice Bike duties ( thinking the heads were not as good). 20 hours later the Practic bikes were the HP kings in the 42.s with only a fresh piston same settings.
  8. bigfella1963

    250 port and cam desighn

    I pretty much spent three years full time on the 250F from 2007-2010, lots of time on the flow bench and Dyno LOL. The current intake port shape is very close to the best design for 8-14,000 RPM and my best results have been with the 2009 cams set with more overlap. Wiseco Hicomp pistons and the piston to head clearance set 0.9mm. We have had great results with the 2006 model and the Crower Cams, early on but as we got the head to flow better we didn't need the duration. We tested a whole bunch cross-sectional areas the KTM head has two round ports and their easy to get at to work on with the guides out. PM me and I can give you some lobe centers and cross-sectional area measurments that worked for us recently.
  9. There are lots of brands of dynos, the main thing is to test before and after, if your bike inproved 7 HP it is about as fast as it is going to get. Most teams and tuners use Dynojet dynos and most of them are conpairable world wide. from what i see here in Oz the stock KTM is good for @35HP "SAE" and you can get them up to @ 40 with exh, cams,porting, hi comp piston and efi tuning. in the US they can alos us some very good fuels that can add up to 2 more HP when tuned right. Mostly when talking about Dyno numbers he who lies the most wins, pretty rare to have beope back it up with even the basic details like type of power stated, alitiude, air pressure, and correction factors.
  10. bigfella1963

    High compression pistons

    Wow, sounds like some one has a huge hate on Wiseco........ I have used well over 1000 Wisecos in the past 25 years or so and been sponsored by several different piston brands over the years, cant say a bad word about any four stroke Wiseco in that time. I have seen a few twostroke pistons (oe, vertex and wiseco) loose the ring locating pin but that is about it. There where issues back in the day with the over weight two stoke pistons but mostly that was in re-sleeved cylinders not in oe bores or liners. Seen plenty of guys who can't build a engine right blame products and not themselves for ring end gapes that were never checked, sleeves not fitted right. I would be happy to recommend a Wiseco any time..........
  11. bigfella1963

    Wiseco Pistons

    I have used both the std and high compression Wisecos in MX/SX race 450SXF's back in 07/08/09 They worked perfectly and gave no issues. The Hi comp was a bit much for some of the riders, the Power hit a little too hard for the rough tracks. HP wa up @ 1-1.5 HP Way cheeper than the OEM piston.
  12. bigfella1963

    2010 CRF250R Hot Cam?

    Ran the Tuff CRF250R cam and spring and retainers for Std Buckets on a 2011 recently and compaired to PC and Crower it was the best over all for power and streets ahead for bottom and mid. well worth the $
  13. bigfella1963

    exhaust valves hitting top of piston? ***

    Last time I had a freind call me with this problem on a Friday night it was the piston, put in back to front.... worth a look if timing is good!
  14. bigfella1963

    Will an 02 525sx exhaust fit a 04 450sx??

    450 and 525 pipes are the same, the brand name is Doma...Dora is a girls name LOL
  15. bigfella1963

    Piston Compression For 07 SXF250?

    Wiseco have both std comperession and High comp piston for the KTM 250SX-F Both will run fine on Pump gas.