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  1. Just checking some parts on the parts page and it looks like the 96 kdx200 exhaust valves are the same as 92 kdx200? Just looking to get some exhaust valves for a 92 I just picked up. 92 valves are not available but the 96's are. If not where do you find exhaust valves. Thanks in advance for the knowledge.
  2. Was wondering if anyone has a 05-07 cr125 service manual and would be kind enough to shoot a picture of the stator testing specs? If they would they might be able to buy a brand new OEM stator and flywheel cheap. Thanks.
  3. Looking for ohms/resistance readings to test an 05 cr125 stator. Got a 04 from a friend who bought a new oem stator but got one for a 05. Thought he could just change connectors and make it work. After calling me I told part#'s are totally different. Bought the bike and sent the 04 stator to ricky stator for repair. Now I have the 05 stator connectors repaired and wanted to test the stator. Thanks is advance for replies...
  4. perrymx23

    1990 xr200 kickstart slips

    Went ahead and bought new OEM pinion gear and ratchet gear.
  5. perrymx23

    1990 xr200 kickstart slips

    I bought a 1990 xr200 in boxes. Short story. Bottom end was still together. Reassembled with tons of new parts. Started and ran fine first couple of cycles to break in. Started it once and the kickstart slipped got it started next kick and rode it around to check shifting etc.. Noticed clutch slipping pretty badly. Adjusted cable and tried to start again, only to have the kicker slip a lot. Tore it down and cannot see anything wrong with kickstart assembly. Got another one from a friend and mine looks better. Have a service manual and everything looks good and assembled correctly. Thanks in advance for ideas.
  6. perrymx23

    xr200 rebuild - still smoking?

    Thanks in advance guys. Just re-did an 01 xr200. New valves and seals. New piston and rings that are 67mm and gaskets. Started on third kick after rebuild but continues to smoke after you have throttle up a little and back to idle and crack throttle again. Did not replace valve guides?? Gonna tear back down and check valve seals as it acts like that. Have heard of head gasket issues?? Nice little bike as I have a cr125 front end and an xr250 rear shock. Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.
  7. perrymx23

    ttr125 noisey after BBR cam install.

    The 150 kit, FMF exhaust and a yz80 carb make a big difference. I use them as play bikes in the woods with my buddies. It's a riot. Increase power enough to pull some tough hills and maneuver in the woods. This noise is driving me crazy. I rode the thing for an hour and then tore it completely down to see if I had any wear anywhere but nothing. Cam comes with new bearings but who knows. Looks like I will be pulling the cam and installing the stock one back in it and see if that is it.
  8. perrymx23

    ttr125 noisey after BBR cam install.

    Wondering if anyone else has developed noisy top end after BBR 150 kit install. Have had motor apart 3 times looking for noise. Have owned/built about ten ttr125's so far. Everything is new from bottom end up. Bike runs great just has a whirring noise that increases with rpms. Last result is going to swap cam back to stock and see if that is my issue? Thanks in advance for help....
  9. perrymx23

    xr400 or 400ex motor swap into xl350

    I have done a few conversions, that is what gave me the idea. XL 350 parts are kinda hard to come by and expensive. I have done my own CR500AF conversion and also put an 01 yz250 motor in 02 cr250 chassis. Was just looking to see if anyone had tried it. Have a buddy with an extra 400ex engine that I will grab and see how it fits the frame. Who knows? Got a 50/50 chance I guess.
  10. Has anyone tried to put and xr400/400ex motor into an older (78) Honda xl350? Just wondering if frame needed modifying? Have a 78 xl 350 with frozen motor and looking to put an earlier 400ex motor in my chassis. 400ex that is electric start and no reverse.
  11. perrymx23

    Looking for 78 XL350 piston/rings?

    Cool. Thanks again. I have a KDX400 aluminum swingarm that I will see how close it comes to fitting the xl frame. Hopefully the 85 cr125 fork and wheel assembly will work. Guess I may have to cut and fab the steering stem. I will use the stock rear wheel as it will be used for street more than anything.
  12. perrymx23

    Looking for 78 XL350 piston/rings?

    Thanks teamrude: What suspension swaps can be done? I have some mid 80's xr's and cr suspension parts just laying around LOL. Is going to be used as back and forth to work and around town commuter.
  13. perrymx23

    76 TT500 Resto or HL?

    Hey guys also picked up a 76 TT500. Not sure if I want to resto it or make an HL. I have the fork set up from an 84 yz250 (I think) has the double cam brake housing. Resto would be easier I think as it is pretty much all there. HL conversion would need a swingarm/shocks, exhaust(don't like the stock car muffler on it anyway) and plastic. Also any help with parts sources/parts needed for either project would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hey guys starting an xl350 resto that is locked up from sitting for years. Looks like going to need bore job and oversize top end. Evil-bay (Ebay) only had some stock bore sizes. As always thanks in advance for everyone's knowledge....
  15. perrymx23

    Honda CRF450R 2011

    Love love this bike. One of those that is just perfect for my riding style.