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  1. smr96

    Plated 650's in CA.

    Just wondering, if I find a clean already plated 650r should I expect any problems when I go to our wonderful DMV to transfer it into my name? I've bought umpteen streetbikes but never a plated dirtbike. Do they have to inspect it or anything and once I do transfer it into my name do I simply pay for new tags each year or have to jump through hoops each time reg. expires? Thanks.
  2. smr96

    XR80/100 Same Exhaust?

    Thanx. Went ahead and put my PC system on cl for $100 plus swap for clean stocker '01-present. Never been a fan of loud pipes.
  3. smr96

    XR80/100 Same Exhaust?

    Thinking of putting a stock system back on my '03 XR100. Is there a difference between the 80 & 100 exhausts? What year did they go to CRF and is there any difference between XR/CRF exhausts?
  4. Hope this helps. After finding my pilot jet had fallen into float bowl it was so clogged decided to get a new one. Yes the one in it was indeed a 35s and dude at parts counter had never seen one w/s after #. Sold me a regular #35 and bike seems to run fine with it installed.
  5. smr96

    03 XR100 Hope I Didn't Kill It!

    Thats what I was afraid may have happened. But... pulled off float bowl to inspect jets and the pilot jet was sitting in the bowl!!!!! On top of that the main jet was ready to fall out too. Pilot was so badly clogged just decided to buy new one #35 (that stock?). Main in it is a #98 (that stock?). Started right up and running fine.
  6. Riding wide open 5th gear and started slowly bogging down. Thought maybe time to switch to reserve. Wouldn't start. Only start holding throttle wide open and then won't respond to throttle input, just have to keep it in same spot-say 3/4 throttle and idles very erratic. No longer idle w/throttle closed and if twist throttle back-forth will die unless very carefully roll it to 3/4 to full throttle and then like I said idles very erratic. Hoping just bad gas, clogged jets etc. Any ideas?
  7. smr96

    How well do 650R's eat up miles?

    AHA cuz thats how I'd be riding mine, supermoto style on the street. But that shouldn't be any different than guys holdin 'em wide open in Baja? I did own an MZ Black Panther which I think would be similar motor wise and was fine with it even commuting 100mi day. If an R model would be equivalent to the MZ I'd get one. Like I said bunches of plated ones are popping up near me.
  8. smr96

    How well do 650R's eat up miles?

    I'm also considering one. A lot of plated Rs are popping up. Mine would be getting a LOT of street/commuting miles. Is the L model any more reliable?
  9. I've always had a D/S in the back of my mind but have never committed cuz of my 100mi rd trip commute that I do nearly every day by bike because I can't stand driving in So CA traffic! I easily put about 17k mi yr on my bikes. I tell myself that if I were to get a d/s I could always drive a little more but who knows if that would really happen. If for some reason I do have to drive 2 days is about my limit and I'm goin crazy! I came really close a few months ago to picking up a KLX400 w/17's but just couldn't see it doin' my commute. Anyway, there's a '99 610te near me that would trde for my CBR600. Its not the SM version but he does hve full on street tires plus new street knobbies for it. I admit to not knowing much about these bikes so I'm wondering how it would handle "my demands?". BTW I have owned an MZ Black Panther 660 which I loved and didn't mind my commute on. Only sold it because of poor dealer support and knowing w/miles I do it would eventually need stuff. Also I drool at the sight of a Husky 610sm (especially in gray) and am wondering how similar the te is????? Thanks.
  10. smr96

    SM Owners... Be Truthful

    WOW. Haven't visited site in a looooong time!!!! I found a great deal on an '03 w/only 1600mi on it and was gonna do some research before I go look at it tomorrow. I typed commute in "search" and found this (my) old posting. Also found a set of SM wheels someone had made for their DRZ400s for sale right in my city! Wheels come w/oversized rotor&caliper re-locator and sprocket/rotor for rear so will be able to swap in minutes. Looks like I'm finally going to go for it. I figure selling the CBR600 I have now will cover the cost and if it does suck can always sell and buy another cheap bike:thumbsup: I guess the closest bike I've had that could compare w/the 400 in SM trim would be an MZ Black Panther but that was a 660cc. I actually didn't mind the commute on it. Hopefully this will be kinda' equivilant?????????
  11. smr96

    Need A Push

    Funny you mention the VStrom 'cause I put over 60,000mi. on my '05 650 in 3 1/2yrs.! AND I did take it off road. Better than you'd expect but not near as good as the XRL would be. Obviously much better on the road though.
  12. smr96

    Need A Push

    I'd say the real problem is while the price is friggin incredible I know I'll end up spending money making it more of a street 'tard. With the economy the way it is, obviously since it hasn't sold at this price, for an extra $700/$1000 there are some pretty good deals on street bikes out there. This is probably why I've always had a dual sport in the back of my mind but have never bought one, because of the compromise:banghead:
  13. smr96

    Need A Push

    I'd like to think I'm a "real" biker 'cause I've been commuting this far for 20yrs. now nearly every day. I've gotten so bad that if I drive one day I go nuts and can't stand it! Some think I'm crazy for riding year round. I know its not supposed to get cold in southern CA. but when I leave at 0 dark thirty and there's ice on the cars its pretty cold! The seat can't be any worse than the MZ's. That was one funky-ass seat!!!! Keep it coming. Like I said I can't believe its still avail. (I looked at it last Wed.) and it will probably be gone soon!
  14. smr96

    Need A Push

    '02 XR650l w/7k mi. only $2k. Good deal right? I've already looked at and ridden it. So why can't I commit and pull the trigger? I'm only 40 and have gone through 13 bikes from standards to sportbikes and nearly everything in between but never a dual sport. I did have an MZ Black Panther that I'd say would pretty much mimic how this bike would behave on my 100mi. commute. I was fine with it and only sold that bike because of the miles I knew I'd rack up and problems eventually finding parts for it. I know that won't be a problem with the XRL! I honestly can't believe he's still got it and that I'm not jumping on it! It's even already set up w/street rubber SM style! Stock rims, not 17's... but still. I've learned a lot from this forum and am pretty sure the bike could handle all the miles I'd put on it, plus the ability to explore off road is like getting 2 bikes in one. Some laps at Adams Kart Track or Grange makes it 3 bikes in one!! So what the bleep is wrong with me?
  15. smr96

    Help Now Please!

    Also forgot to mention that when I checked out the '02 the owner mentioned that it was jetted but jetted wrong/still a little off, supposedly by the previous owner. Its got the stock exhaust so I asked why someone would have messed w/jetting? Maybe the other guy had a pipe on it but took it off before giving him the bike?? It does have all the smog stuff removed (and in a box that will come w/bike). He mentioned that the airbox was opened up and I think said it had a K&N and snorkel removed or something. I'm thinking that he probably did all the "free" mods and that it still has the stock jetting because I can't see why someone would bother to jet a bike but jet it wrong! Not a big deal I know and it ran fine but could tell there was a little lag on throttle opening. I did all the free mods to my WR450 and I'm sure the carb. on the XR-L can't be any more complicated. Probably less!!!