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  1. Okay. This may sound like a weird offer, but it is legit. I currently have two KTMs. A 2006 250XCW and my son has a 04 125SX. Needless to say, spending $$$ on yet another bike is not being well received. But I would really like to add a dual sport to ride with my friends and to teach my son about riding on the street. I travel a lot for my business and have quite a few frequent flyer points that I would be happy to exchange for tickets for someone who wants to trade for a street legal 625SXC or a 640LC4. (I might also consider a street legal 525EXC) I prefer 2002 or newer. I can offer tickets to about anywhere in the world and in coach, business or even first class. Here's your chance to take your family on that vacation you have been dreaming of. I can offer up to $10,000.00 in air travel for the right trade. So if you or someone you know would be interested in trading a bike for air travel please let me know.
  2. srcleary

    2004 TE250 in Maine

    Thx for the tip on NE Motor Sports. I will call them. I have considered a TE 450 for myself if I liked my sons. I just want him to always be willing to think outside the box! He is 13. When I was a teen, I rebuilt a CanAm. It SCREAMED. I've had/riden a number of bikes but remember that one the most. I read also about checking vavels, but what happens when they go out of spec. Can I adjust or is it a trip to the dealer? Or is it time for SS valves? What would I expect to spend?
  3. srcleary

    2004 TE250 in Maine

    I live in Portland Maine and I am thinking of buying my son a new leftover 2004 TE250. He is quickly outgrowing his DRZ125L. We were planing on a red CRF, but the price of the 2004 TE is too attractive to ignore. (Less than $4k delivered). My problem is that there are no dealers in or around Maine. And I keep reading posts about the dreaded VALVE issues. (Although they seem to be pretty stable if you can lick this issue.) I don't mind doing some work myself but not sure it is wise to buy a brand without any local dealer support. Anyone riding any TEs around Portland, ME? Where would I go if I needed help working on it? We ride woods, mudd, powerlines, sandpits. He wants to try some MX and I bought him a used KTM SX125 I pick up this weekend. I ride a DRZ250 and looking forward to a KTM 400 or 450 in the spring. Thanks for any help.