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  1. UPSam

    Front tire bead is reluctant to seat fully. Ideas?

    I punctured my front and replaced the tube then had the same problem. Did the heat and the soap. didn't work. really drove me nuts. i never had a problem with that tire before. I ended up removing the tire and scrubing the contact surface of the rim all the way around. Popped on after that.
  2. UPSam

    Huge Jump in DR650 MSRP

    Could be a delayed effect of the exchange rate? Could be Suzuki has raised the suggested price because unit sales are down so much?
  3. UPSam

    Question for DR 650 owners who replaced stock with Corbin

    I used the stock seat for the first year. Then got a corbin. The corbin is no better until I ride 150+ miles. Noticeably easier to walk after. The biggest improvement I got was putting some miles on and building up the butt muscles. The Corbin is very heavy. If I had a do over I would send my stock seat out to Renazco. I have heard they are very good.
  4. UPSam

    DR650 soft luggage thread

    I have two sets of 1 gallon. water jugs and twos sets of 1.5 gallon gas cans that fit the tank panniers. I usually run with gas in one side water in the other but if I am not in the desert I can run with 3 extra gallons of gas. There is even 2 boxes of shells and 20ga SxS shotgun in there somewhere
  5. UPSam

    DR650 as an adventure sport

    I bought a Kawasaki Concours to do long distance touring and very often wish I hadn't. Yes I can ride on the highway farther and longer but with a DR650 you can sneak off and camp for free all over the west on public land and take gravel and forest roads to get places. I use the DR just as much on trips as the Concours. Probably shouldn't have bought the concours. The DR will handle a lot of luggage. I use gas tank saddle bags, a tank bag,number plate bag and a backpack on the rear rack. Enough for a week in the wilderness without coming up for air.
  6. UPSam

    DR650 2000 rattle from top end (?) at high rpm

    I would go over the entire bike with a torque chart and a torque wrench. Change oil. Check and adjust valves. The bike is old enough that i would do the entire 7500 mile service before riding the bike. Make sure to examine all the rubber and plastic.
  7. UPSam

    How much to offer dealer for new '07 DR 650?

    I was assuming the 2007s were new leftovers. If not, forget what I said. If you could get a 2009 for $5500, It might be a better deal even if the 2007 is new
  8. UPSam

    How much to offer dealer for new '07 DR 650?

    I would go with $5k but my experience is that dealers that have have a lot of bikes around usually don't deal. That is why they are around. I paid $5k in 2005 for a 2005 and the dealer was very happy(6% sales tax). Many others on this board have got a similar deal since. Give it a try and then contact other dealers if he says no. I really don't think anything is selling right now and other than the SW the season is over.
  9. UPSam

    How much to offer dealer for new '07 DR 650?

    I would think he would be happy about $5k. Depends what your sales tax is though
  10. UPSam

    Chain slack

    Yes loose is better. I have 1.5+ inches with no weight on the bike. have not been very fussy about cleaning my chain but have kept it oiled. I have needed to adjust it once in 13k+ miles. One link is a little stiff at this point so may change it soon. Most people run chains too tight
  11. UPSam

    2005 DR650 Price?

    KBB bluebook is $3300 retail and $2200 wholesale. The normal halfway between is a bit low at $2800 but $4000 is way high IMHO. In this area(southern AZ), you see 1 year old DRs and KLRs going for around $4k. 3 year old bikes are under $3500 asking.
  12. UPSam

    Does your Black tank get hot??

    My blue one gets hot in Arizona. If i repainted any vehicle here it would be white or silver.
  13. UPSam

    seat options for 09 dr650

    I have the Corbin. I had no problems with it but as mentioned it is very very heavy. I saw the Renazco and it is really nice(nicer than the corbin) and uses the stock base so is lighter. I would buy the Renazco if I had a do over.
  14. UPSam

    Any stock DR's out there?

    Just pasted 13k on my basically stock 2005 DR650. I just got back from a trip from Tombstone AZ to the white mountains then through the blue mountains and into NM and then back. Had 75+ lbs of gear, 1.5 gallons of gas/1.5 gallons of waterin panners, and 2 guns. 3/4 of the riding was off pavement. Close to 600 miles most in the middle of nowhere alone. Cell phone didn't work much either. I do have skid plate, DRZ250 tail light(stock broke apart from washboards), TKC 80 tires and a rear rack. I get at least 50 mpg loaded down and 60mpg with just me. I need all the range i can get and need to minimize weight so I won't do any engine mods. Also like the stock reliability.
  15. UPSam

    Corbin Seat

    I waited until I had the bike for 1 year to buy a Corbin. You will develope some tolerance after 5k on the bike. The difference I experienced was that after a 150-200 mile ride I can walk without staggering with the Corbin. Neither are that comfortable when riding the bike. If i had it to do over I would look into sending the stock to Renazco. The Corbin is REALLY heavy and not cheap either.