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    99 yahama 350 4x4 wolverine rear arm assembly

    For any future questions about the axle's being interchangeable, they are not. As for a local machine shop, I'm in the back side of nowhere and if the big bear axle would have worked I would be up and running now. I was just looking for a quick answer from someone here in the know. It didn't happen so, I bought one off eBay for 200 bucks and I'm off and running again.
  2. billyj

    99 yahama 350 4x4 wolverine rear arm assembly

    I figured out how to get it apart. was a breeze. Now can someone tell me where is the best place to purchase an axle for it. Also are the 99 big bear axles the same or interchangeable?
  3. Hi folks, newbie here. I was wondering if someone could tell how to disassemble the rear arm and remove the axle. I up shifted to first gear, and heard a grinding sound and then no traction and I figure I broke some teeth off. I have removed the rear arm and have it out on a table ready to disect, but I can't figure it out. How do I get inside the rear gear box? Also, the right hand side of the axle cover blocks a bolt I need to remove on the housing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Hope I didn't bit off more than I can chew. Thanks billyj