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  1. yz400fcanon

    Conditions at Finger Lakes?

    Where is Merwin?
  2. yz400fcanon

    Conditions at Finger Lakes?

    Cooper Creek is in the Where To Ride section of this site, and was wondering if anybody has been there, and how was the riding.
  3. yz400fcanon

    Conditions at Finger Lakes?

    Thanks for the info but Chadwick is to far for a days ride (5 hours), that will have to wait till summer when we take the boats to Table Rock Lake for the week. What about Cooper Creek ORV Park at Truman Lake?
  4. yz400fcanon

    Missouri Conditions at Finger Lakes?

    Might be heading to Finger Lakes on Friday. Just checking to see if anybody has been there lately, and what the condtions are. Never been there, is it worth a 3 1/2 hour drive from Topeka Ks. to check it out. Thanks ahead of time for any info.
  5. yz400fcanon

    Colorado Rider looking for single track near kcmo

    Might try the Oakland trails in Topeka, that's where we go when Perry is closed. Some good challenging single track stuff along the Kansas river. Best thing is it's free and open rain or shine. Check it out at Kansas W2R.
  6. yz400fcanon

    ktm part number?

    Does anybody know the ktm part # for the piston o ring in the clutch slave cylinder on a 02 400exc? I talked to cyclezone and they only show part # for piston and o ring at $94.00. Mike thought he might have the number, but is getting ready to move shop, and things are a mess. Any help would be greatly appreciated.